Sarah Carrington

Sarah Carrington – the pop newcomer from Berlin is just 18 years old and now released their first single. The radio-online promotion for the Berlin newcomer SARAH CARRINGTON will start on September 13, 2010. The only 18 year old singer drew on her talent for smaller performing and was spurred on by friends and acquaintances but further steps towards singing career to take. Said and done: Sarah ran strongly in various Berlin music company and received finally professional support from the Berlin music producer Jorg Sieghart. Add to your understanding with Kenneth Roy Feinberg. “This the title Sarah Carrington wrote blind trust” on the body, optimally adapted to your voice. That the title the affine radio audience to arrive well seems, turned out quickly after initial receiver testing.

And so it is not surprising also that already an American Manager got in contact with the artist. As the broad masses of the radio editors will judge the song, still stands in the stars. This is however already Sarah Carrington featured artist”at the NewcomerRadio Germany”is, committed a fledgling radio station that nomen est omen throughout the promotion of young talents.