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Online Stores

MSB world entertainment brings your music to all online stores in the world of MSB world entertainment, Germany’s new major music label is the name. A separate distribution, Publisher Agency, marketing agency and music management are only a small part of the music label in Rhineland-Palatinate. MSB world has contacts to more than 500 online stores international major labels, promotion agents and much more. The latest service is to make known to to offer newcomers bands and artists a start in the music business. Farallon Capital Management will not settle for partial explanations. Independent major label borders strongly by German major labels (such as bsp Sony/BMG, universal, etc…) from. The company was founded in by the rap artist “TMD” newcomer of in short single “see me in the club” published as well as a matching music video. Ent on the label page MSB world that offers team newcomer artisten and bands the service internationally online to be included in the distribution. Music genre of the labels include: hip hop, soul, r & b, pop music, rock, club, dance, etc….

Cologne Sion Braues

A Cappella – concert in a cosy atmosphere inspires Cologne audience after the Cologne A cappella group Choirblax in Cologne Deutz has arrived, begin to recite your live singing. In consultation with the head of the Cologne Sion Braues volume is shut down, the headlights aligned and tested the microphones. For the present, it’s like a lottery win: live A Cappella singing in Cologne Deutz of the! The singers experience her audience, which hears visibly unexpectedly no hustle Gassenhauer with astonished faces. Instead finest A Cappella arrangements are offered, which are unparalleled. After the musical titles, how deep the love is, or that stay with me, the A-Cappella-trio in the hearts of the audience sings himself. These sounds attract new listeners of the Deutzen freedom. It is now fully in the Sion Braues and the mood.

During the concert break, the lead singer of the fans are contacted and asked other venues of your Cologne A Cappella tour in addition to autographs. During the dates be managed the singing already on the second part of the concert. More evergreens follow the first set of the A Cappella concert and pieces such as yesterday, or what a wonderful world leave the lighters to ignite the audience in the dark. The Cologne A Cappella-trio Choirblax for this evening passed in this unique atmosphere. With giveaways, the Bard try to find a way to the exit. Outside arrived at Deutzer liberty, the singer on their next concert looking forward. You have perceived the cosy atmosphere of the typical Cologne brewery, which will be one of the first addresses in the place at that time for the music ensemble in Cologne Deutz. The Choirblax succeed with their unusually catchy songs again and again, to attract not only the Cologne audience captivated.

All North Rhine-Westphalia speaks now of the black singers with great voices. The Choirblax wave goodbye and disappear into the dark Cologne night (suhling.co). Company Description A Cappella in black. Men’s A Cappella ensemble, founded in 1996, English songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Cactus-free guaranteed!

Stars Factory

She has not participated in any of the Stars Factory and its appearance could not be clearly and planned way. She was not seen among hard-core clubbers. About it at all unheard of, until she declared herself and her star is not caught fire in the sky of the Russian pop culture. Her name is strange for a girl did not become the property of articles of fashion magazines and thousands of fans: Maksim! As all roads start with the first step, and the story begins with the stars the first word about it. What is truth and what is fiction producers and thoughtful course of pr agents are difficult to understand, and sometimes even impossible. Maksim – Marina Maximova, a native of the city of Kazan. Young, sincere, open girl. Learn more about this topic with the insights from MasterClass Review. Engaged in a vocal circle, parallel attended karate class. "I really do not remember a year to 14. Just remember the memories associated with a brother or a yard where we have a guitar singing any songs, "- said Marina. In 14 years Maksim has already begun work on stage, and before that she participated in various music competitions. However, participation in these competitions, Marina took no for what to sing and win, but in order not to go to school. Writing poetry Maksim began in high school. According to her, at first it was the poetry of something unreal, it is not about anything, but later she realized that she can write poems about themselves. Reading the classical poets of the school curriculum especially loved Marina works of Anna .

Ward 21, CE

on get smart outta Riddim, Germany by Phlatline Berlin 12.09.08 get the new Riddim from the House of Phlatline sound productions is smart. The related selection offers wide musical range between R & B and Dancehall with nine artists. The new release is the consistent and convincing the Newstah riddims released one and a half years ago. With 100bpm get is Riddim with melodic reggae influences and a floating character forcing dance smart a rapid hip hop. Also this time, Phlatline sound presents established reggae and dance hall sizes, as well as upcoming artists in a dynamic range. 21 with How You Wine was”the undisputed Bigtune of selection provided. Their innovative, high-energy music is guarantee of success and an impressive catchy at the same time. Also the Sojah strugglers”were not long to ask.

Just the vibes”is all day after party” (Newstah) produced the second Sojah single and new party hymn on the in-house label. One of the most famous female Jamaican reggae/Dancehall artists should “” on this fine selection of course also not missing: bath Gyal “CE’Cile enriched the Riddim with the hot tune need A boy”, which fully meets their permissive and self-confident image. The second in the Federal newcomer Selena Serrano in addition with controls get it”a huge pinch of r’n ‘ B to get smart added. Her gentle voice comes on 34 vocal tracks to the best advantage. “Natalie Storm of Nasty Boy” is, however, best described as “Dancehall r’n’ B Club”.

At least it gives the production”their very own female dynamic. A promising newcomer on the selection is Sanjay. He can be with his loose and spirited Jamaican way with swing it”at all girls jiggle your hips. “Also shows the Jamaican entertainer Honorebel with Gimme the music” be lyrical empathy and presents a catchy, fresh and international Partytune. As if that wasn’t enough, get has to offer smart two real features: true to the motto free World, free speech”brings the thirteen d with rolling high” really young charm at the Riddim selection by Phlatline sound. His voice and the energy that he puts into his music, leave no doubt about his ability. The Neuner dance includes the national artist Ronny Trettmann and’s thoughtful tones just in time for the world day of peace. Grandfather”tells of the war, and shows the quality of the riddims like Ronny’s creativity. Also deep poetry has its place on the get smart Riddim selection. Short and brief, get smart is smart, get smart is round, get smart turns on. More information: and phlatlinesound

Paramount Home Media

Appears on the 19.09 “Star Trek: the next generation season 4” at paramount home media distribution on Blu-ray Hamburg, 12.08.2013 – the fourth season of the legendary? ren Star Trek series “Star Trek: the next generation” u? assured in 26 episodes on six discs, not only with numerous action adventures of the beru? famous star fleet under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and Commander William Thomas Riker (Jonathan Frakes). Also the human side of the Star Trek characters is evident: Picard meets the family of his brother, Lieutenant Worf (Michael Dorn) gets? lt visit by his adoptive parents, and the Android data (Brent Spiner) fell for the first time. Official site: How much is MasterClass? . It is funny, as Captain Picard finds himself all in GRU in the guise of Robin Hood and his crew in the 12th century? nrock and tights. The exciting missions in the unique space legend appear on September 19 in brilliant HD quality? t, if paramount season 4 on Blu-ray vero? published. Exclusive extras fans ko? can look forward to a galactic collection of special features.

Not only Episodes promos promise much shipping GNU? gen at any Blu-ray disc, even exciting audio commentaries offer interesting insights into the Star Trek universe. So screenwriter Ronald D. Moore the Myselffrom deepens? nde of episode “to? southern succession” and the ju? anxiety Star Trek Director Bob Rowman erza? chosen by his fantastic work. Additional? addition, historical facts about the fabulous world of the series, as well as featured outtakes captivate the Viewer. Also the log archive with unbeatable Extras waiting: paramount pra? presents selected? selected crew analysis, reports from vast, new life and civilizations. In “Consulting Division” be unique atmosphere? cke of the production of season four included.

Miami Police Department

Fascination with blood – Dexter Morgan is forensic scientists with an unusual hobby of Hamburg, 23.09.2009. Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is Forensics of the Miami Police Department and a true specialist in the juice of life blood. That is his job only once not surprising. But the friendly-looking man is more than just a coroner, but no one knows except himself: Dexter is a psychopath.

His true and only passion is murder. His homicide but always serve a higher purpose. The first season of the new series highlights will appear for the first time on October 23 on DVD and offers the special feature \”Witness in Blood A True Murder investigation\” additional \”tingling\” for home. Season 1 of Dexter is based on the novel of the death darker brother\”by Jeff Lindsay and attracted international attention in equal to start. So Dexter was awarded already for the bold look of psyche and everyday life of a sympathetic as well as merciless killers three Emmys. A passion of a special kind Dexter Morgan (Michal C. Hall) always wears a smile on his face and is everywhere popular. All the more surprising that the coroner has no emotions, internally totally empty, and can have no real relationships.

His adoptive sister Deborah (Jennifer Carpenter) is also working with the police and is the only person to the Dexter felt something like train inclination. His girlfriend Rita (Julie Benz), who was abused by her husband and has since separated from him, is even relationship like Dexter. Only if Dexter at night through the streets, he can live out his true penchant as a serial killer. While it is true but never innocent but always brutal criminals, he draws on cold-blooded way out of circulation. So far so good. However, when suddenly a second serial killer Dexter’s orderly life completely out of joint apparatus.

Special Promotion

Return of a classic of movie few days ago the continuation of the classic of film Oliver Stone’s Wall Street started in the cinema. Dating back to 1987 was at that time a symbol of 1980s years capitalism. It will be similar to the now-past second part of the classic. Due to the film’s release the Exchange portal has launched a boersennews.de together with moneymoney.tv exclusive promotions. For hobby-broker, stockbroker and economy interested but also for everyone else, the portal boersennews.de in collaboration with moneymoney.tv has launched a special action.

The Exchange Portal is giving away stock market basics worth 700 euro to participants of the action. For example in the form of MoneyMoney Exchange seminars, a DVD and an E-book to the stock investment, which explains the basics of the stock market and gives valuable tips that may be worth on the stock exchange literally gold. Inspiration for this was the Wall Street 2 movie, the sequel of the film classic Oliver Stone’s Wall Street in the 1980s. Unlike in the first part is the protagonist of Gordon Gekko here however much moral has become. He sets his action in question and warns against the machinations of the banks.

A financial crisis follows its warnings against excessive speculation in the movie. Just like in real life, many investors lose their savings and banks collapse. Outlook Email contributes greatly to this topic. Thus, the film reflects also the current events and conveys, that skepticism about the banks is attached. The film is not particularly critical or accusingly. Rather, it is in addition to the stock market story to a familial melodrama. More information: blog.boersennews.de/…/ wall street… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Way New Double Album

Release date – September 03, 2010 with their last album “Time dreams” was able to convince the artist, even hard critics of to play the first violin, but now also in the classic, German-language Schlager area not only in the party-hits segment. With the hit single “1000 far dreams (Tornero)” to which she wrote the new German text she was listed for the first time in the front of the airplay charts. With her current single “Tears lie not 2010”, a cover of the hit number by Michael Holm, the follow-up hit is already mapped out and firmly planned. You may wish to learn more. If so, Outlook Email is the place to go. In the party-clubs, the number is already an integral part of the current repertoire. “My way” is a double CD of danceable pop-pop music and romantic songs with very catchy lyrics, everything is represented. The CD2 is a treat for fans of the Antonia party. The party hits to the celebrations for each party. In the last 10 years, musically more and more has merged the private Sandra Antonia’s power and romance and that is reflected on their albums reflected. It is her musikalischstes album ever, it is worth that for those still not fans can be heard in. The song of Angels”is probably the most personal what there was of her, she tells a poignant story here. But also high-quality pop hits and mood title.

Rock Sounds In The Baby

Early exercise itself, what wants to be a rock star while the new generation of the sounds of the well-known children’s songs happily in bed on and jumps off, crave parents pissed off a pack of earplugs and revel in memories of the times, as the Queen and the Beatles still loud in the living room and could be played. An Argentine production company heard the silent cries for help suffering poverty-stricken parents in 2008 and provided for remedy. The online Department store shopping.de the babies & kids CD series “introducing, parents enjoy brings well-known music when in an unfamiliar form. Women Talk Money gathered all the information. Instead of rocking sound and strong bass sounds the familiar music with harp, Panpipes – and glockenspiel sounds from the speakers. Adapted to the sensitive baby ears, the new interpretations were kept rather quiet. Also has been omitted on vocals entirely. What many parents sure often non-family safe meets, because some texts”are.

“In addition to thematic compilations such as the ballads often Hey 80’s” were given some CDs Dedicated to artists. Songs from Madonna”and songs from Bob Marley” bring the beloved music of the parents in the child’s room. The young should are accustomed to finally early on the musical taste of the parents to save yourself future complaints in the teenage years. Of course, the new setting in the face of the target group for die-hard fans is quite getting. A welcome change for children’s choir stricken parents is always the baby rock. More information: Press / Shopping.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

Fernando Express

The Fernando express and the “King of Fox’ Nico Gemba guest are the stars & stories talk in the latest issue of the”stars & stories”with Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz on radio VHR in an interview this week. Nico Gemba has already secured a place in the elite of the German Popschlagers. And that he is the rightful “King of Fox”, he with his recent CD Releases impressively demonstrated. Now his new album “Hero” is filled with good song ideas. It is an explosive mixture of crunchy Discofox tracks as well as catchy pop songs with reggae and rock influences. The end of last year published song “This song’s for you”, at Nico Gemba produced a great video gave a foretaste of this CD.

Not only musically, he stunned it with a very sensitive and yet danceable new single number, no, this time he has made a very special joy to his fans and all those who want to become. Because on the special gift Edition of “This song’s for you” There is the possibility of a personal dedication for a person you would like to give this song. Other musical surprises of this excellent live entertainers will follow, but you can of course also live experience him in many clubs and discos. After Nico Gemba first became known as a photo model and finished even minor television roles in the “scene” and “Detektivburo Roth”, after a stint in “Playgirl” he started his career as a singer and entertainer. Since 2007, Nico Gemba arrived now at MUSIC under contract. After he successfully went there with his typical GEMBA version of “A star that carries your name” chartete, steep uphill for him.

On October 29, 2010, it’s time. Then the Fernando Express published “The Kings of the dance palaces” the best of CD. With the incomparable sound after wanderlust, longing and Sun one of the most successful groups of the German Schlager takes off again. Along with a huge fanbase, they live music feeling. Since 28 Unique title featuring the Fernando express years and over 200 songs speak for themselves. The current single from the best of CD is the title “Foreign eyes – foreign Star”. The song shot straight into the charts of all German radio stations (WDR 4, SR3, HR 4, SWR 4) and is number 1 on the hit parade for weeks. The “stars & stories” broadcast dates and repetitions in the overview on: or