Office Telecommunications

The telecommunications provider teletype offers on the website free functions fax machine and voice mail on an already existing E-Mail address at. Customers sign up, get a provider-independent number and take advantage of the call manager: comfortable and variable features simple and quick registration configurable as a fax machine, answering machine or device is fax as TIF or PDF available self of designed fax header without advertising your own greeting in the answering machine ad-free delivery of faxes and voice messages clear archiving and statistics. Economically, the service is free of charge for call-Manager users. Answering machine and fax function without equipment or additional phone lines. Reliable, always available with your own phone number or forwarding of the existing telephone line.

Mobile fax reception outside of the Office or the home. Only an Internet access and an email address are required. Interested parties can visit the page for more information and sign up for free and no obligation to. operated by teletype, a telecommunications provider, whose focus is in the area of virtual telecommunications solutions. Teletype was founded in 1997. This year, the range of functions will be expanded to numerous functions.