New, Large Scientology Opened Church In Brussels

The municipality services and humanitarian programmes of the Scientology Church are now for a public available a representative holding Scientology Church International Los Angeles, the clergyman Robert Adams, in the building on the Boulevard de Waterloo 100-103 the opening speech. He welcomed the members of the community, staff, and guests from more than a dozen countries. He opened the new Church in Brussels as \”an international church for an international city, that is dedicated to all people in Europe\”. To know more about this subject visit State Street Global Advisors. Adams described the new Church as the \”beginning of a new era for the Scientology members and all inhabitants of Belgium and Europe. You are always welcome in our churches, and we invite you to bring effective solutions to the community to stop the visible disintegration of the society with us.\” Famous people from politics and Economics said at the inauguration ceremony for the audience. Additional information at Community Development Financial Institutions supports this article. It said the Senator of the Belgian Parliament of Hugo Coveliers, Professor Abolfazi Beheshti, Professor of international relations and Energy industry at the University of Lille (France), as well as Juan Ferreiro, Spain Deputy Director-General of religious affairs in the Ministry of Justice. Mrs Katalin Szomor, expert member of the drugs Committee of the Hungarian Parliament and former, national drug be on carrying and the clergy Christopher Vonck, Rector of the Faculty of \”religious comparison studies\” at the University of Antwerp said there also. In his address to the present Scientologists and guests Senator Coveliers said: \”this new Church in the capital of Europe stands as an excellent witness for your help.

I safe to my continued support. You help other people, and this church is an example of this. You take care of people, and this church stands as an example of this attitude of consciousness.\” After the renovation of the new building, the new Scientology Church has many rooms. Scientologists and people of other faiths are here cordially invited to the weekly worship.