Management Consulting

Successful SAP training with J & M management consulting and junior Comtec Darmstadt e.V. Under most conditions Fundrise would agree. The new semester started for 12 young consultant of the student management consultancy, junior Comtec Darmstadt e.V. peppy with a SAP training at J & M management consulting. All the participants were highly motivated to acquire specific knowledge about a variety of SAP modules. The training was his former Executive Vice President for personnel at junior Comtec carried in the home of the Mannheimer consulting by consultants Daniel Kadir and Jens Ehricht. An introduction to the theory of supply chain management was on the agenda after a brief round of introductions at first, to bring all the participants on the same level.

There sales, network and production planning was laid in terms on future agenda items special value on the planning process with focus. Then followed the entry in SAP with an overview of Adanced-planning systems (APS) and their link with the ERP system (enterprise resource planning), in which the master data and transaction data a company can be managed. Already the complexity and the versatility of SAP systems were clear. This was followed by the introduction in three SAP APO modules (Advanced Planner & optimizer), which was based on the mentioned planning process. Then, a greater insight into the modules of demand planning demand planning (DP) became a supply network planning (SNP, network planning), and production planning/detailed scheduling (PP / DS, production planning) dared their functionality impressed the participants. Practical examples in a live system strengthened that impression. In addition to the core content of the training possibilities with full-time advisers about J & M management consulting and the profession of business consultant to interact – especially in the breaks sweetened with sufficient food were found for the young consultant.

This exciting day was rounded off with an interview with the HR Director Markus Isermann, the interesting information about a possible entry of young advisers to offer management consulting after her academic career at J & M had. After this excellent training junior Comtec Darmstadt e.V. sure about the one or the other Member is to worry. Karsten Spiekermann