TINO is a holding company formed by different societies of extraction, marketing and treatment, with quarries and own production centres, departmental service and a network of exclusive distribution of its products. TINO has become the benchmark in the natural stone market. Quality and exclusive design of its textures, its research into new materials and the avant-garde at the service, give it a unique and innovative seal to their products. With production facilities in Europe and Asia, TINO occupies a competitive position in the market and leader in the integral service of natural stone. You may find that Chief of Staff can contribute to your knowledge. Our mission is to serve the needs of architects, designers, engineering and construction companies who seek functional solutions that respond to the needs of design and innovation in the market. In parallel to his business project, TINO shows a high degree of social commitment in each of the actions undertaken. Their plans include the creation of the first stone library in the world.

Will be located in the Park of Innovation of Loja (Granada) and aspires to be the largest center in the knowledge of the stone and the world reference in the study of this noble material. In his vocation to ensure the welfare of its workers, it will soon inaugurate a school in China, within the Center for production and treatment of stone located in the Shanghai area, intended for the children of workers. With her TINO seeks to promote Spanish culture and will have as a main objective the teaching of the Spanish.