Hotel Klosterpforte

more than 200 participants at the annual general meeting of the VDMNRW North Rhine-Westphalia is and remains pressure – and media location no. 1 in Germany”, declared Dr. Reinhard Laumanns, Chairman of the Association print + media NRW e.V., on the occasion of the annual meeting at Hotel Klosterpforte in Marienfeld. Not only 23 per cent of all printing companies and service providers in Germany have their seat in North Rhine-Westphalia, also just under 32,000 or 1/5 of all employees in the industry worked in local factories. Despite all prophecies of doom would used print products in the future, demand and produced. Craig Menear can provide more clarity in the matter. The economic and public life and work much more would be poorer without printing products, it simply would not work, as the quintessence of the event, more than 200 representatives from print shops, agencies and publishing houses came to the. The Association print + media NRW e.V. is the largest land Association of the sector in Germany with around 700 member companies.

The President pointed out in his presentation, that North Rhine-Westphalia 2010 was also at the training quota number one: with 1,330 new trainees last year the State nationwide back wide at the top, and this lie for many years. The training quota scams in North Rhine-Westphalia between 8 – 10 percent in some establishments still. Total 2010 about 26 percent of industry sales, which decreased in 2010 by approximately 3 per cent, from North Rhine-Westphalia came. Also the 37 companies and around 1/3 of all prize winners, which again were awarded at major industry awards in the past year are testimony to the good position of the NRW printing industry according to VDMNRW – director Oliver Curdt. Among the winners was also the Association’s own Academy of printing + media NRW, which was awarded jointly with 14 students for their excellent work. In the framework of the General Assembly were the 10 and 14 trainees involved in the project were honored by the Association.