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In that instance the Brazilian Government undertook to build the railroad between Santa Cruz de la Sierra and Columba. By the efforts of pacification of this war than as all conflicts in the region was encouraged by the intraoccidentales interests by the enormous mineral resources of the same Argentine then Foreign Minister, Carlos Saavedra Lamas received the Nobel Prize of the Paz.La relationship between the Highlands and Buenos Aires argentina had consolidated with the link between the railway networks and Bolivian between Villazon and La Quiaca in 1925.En this saga we cannot fail to mention the book on the ruins of the Tihahuanacowrite to Bartolome Mitre in Bolivian exile. During the time of roses he warred with Bolivia. In 1825, the Government of Buenos Aires led by Minister Bernardino Rivadavia, gave the generals of Simon Bolivar, for the formation of Bolivia, districts that had sent representatives to the Congress of Tucuman in 1816, insomuch that vale recalled that the Declaration of independence Argentina, was translated to quechua and aymara.Known the fate of the armies of Buenos aires, commanded by Rondeau, and Belgrano to the refractory high Peru.los men of the class leader of Buenos Aires at the time of the beginning of the emancipatory of Spain, they had in mind occur in high Peru. This is reflected in the intention of Belgrano an inca Prince Crown. Is reflected in the Argentine shield, made by a cuzqueno Goldsmith Rivera; in the lyrics of the national anthem written by Vicente Lopez and plans; in the plays of Morgante, and the expedition had as political Commissar to Castelli, which read proclamations in the ruins of Tiahuanaco, the same site where Evo Morales was recognized Manager by the leaders of the indigenous ethnic groups. It should be recalled that this expedition was defeated at Huaqui.