Gas Switching Worth It

Again, several utilities have announced increases in gas prices. Leipzig. Major differences characterize the development of the gas market. October 1 gas prices rise by up to 19 percent. But the opposite can be observed: cuts at the beginning of the heating period by 17 percent were also announced.

As the cause of these differences the oversupply of gas on the open market is due to the aftermath of the economic crisis to call. The prices are therefore decreased, so that these providers can offer gas at favourable conditions. Other utilities, however, have linked long term contract; It is not possible to reduce their prices to them. The gap between the best deals and most expensive tariffs will be deeper. Thus, customers benefit but also enormously if they switch to a cheaper provider. More and more national providers offer favorable conditions of the gas supply. Numerous smaller municipal utilities have expanded their market area and offer more gas in neighboring communities and also power at affordable prices. A comparison of tariffs for example, brings information and clarity about the potential savings.

As the price gap between the providers keep apart, energy experts advise: more customers their Exchange can make use of the stronger the energy market is enlivened. The switching requires no technical changes. An interruption of the supply is excluded pursuant to the Energy Act (EnWG 36). Consumers should know this.