Fine Chocolate From The Chocolate Manufactory Lauenstein Confectionery

Bring spring into the home: fine chocolate specialities from the chocolate Manufactory Lauenstein Confiserie Ludwigsstadt, in March 2010. Warming rays of the Sun, birds chirping that sprout first Green: It’s spring! With a look out noble chocolate tastes the same way. Whether alone or jointly the lovingly hand-made chocolates and truffle specialities from make confectionery the Lauenstein every moment into something very special. And the spring creations prepare spring fever maybe… (Style)Flowers: Laue Steiner fine delicacies in the spring dress of the spring package in Rose, adorned with delicate tulips, harmonizes with the sunny yellow of daffodils and the first green before the window.

The true treasure 75, 200, 300 or 400 grams melt chocolate works of art from the renowned chocolate factory in the Franconian forest hides inside (from 4.70; available from the online shop at or at the well-stocked Retailers): fresh pure for this is the seal of quality the Lauenstein confectionery that is imprinted in each pack. Noble chocolate combined with exquisite ingredients such as cream, nuts, caramel, Marzipan, nougat, or chocoholics a smile in the face of fine fire as even demanding connoisseurs guaranteed! The Lauenstein confectionery: the times in which were regarded as unsophisticated gift chocolates for Grosstanten tried once already seduced by. Since noble chocolate gourmets and wine connoisseurs has become socially acceptable, exquisite chocolate specialities are top on the gift list. Especially exquisite creations from fine manufacturers are in demand. The Lauenstein confectionery in the Franconian forest is known for their outstanding raw materials and the innovative power of chocolatiers. Those who come to Upper Franconia, must seize the chance once personally over the shoulder to look the maitres. Each praline, each truffle is lavishly provided by hand with a delicate decor! For all other is the visit to the very well stocked shop