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Chocolate Pleasure Guaranteed

Taste of chocolate is dependent on storage of chocolates and chocolate bars, are with or without filling, sweet par excellence cocoa specialities. Not surprisingly, that they literally are stockpiled in many households. Keep the taste of Brown delights as long as possible before, it is important to note some rules. The private krankenversicherung.de insurance portal has brought together the best tips. Generally, the date of minimum durability of course gives information about edibility of chocolate. However, it is often not necessary to dispose of expired chocolate immediately. Proper storage, longer retains an intense flavor.

The temperature is the most important criterion for the storage of cocoa sweets. Ideally, chocolate and chocolates be stored cool and dry and exposed to no major temperature fluctuations. Dr. Jo Boaler contains valuable tech resources. A pantry has the advantage that it is also dark and airtight. This prevents the popular food, they are grey or Lose flavour. That happens often, if they are stored in damp or too bright. Nevertheless, the chocolate is almost indestructible, the rule of thumb here is: the more cocoa, more durable. White chocolate has about a year and bitter chocolate and milk chocolate one and a half year up to two years.

Chocolates are more sensitive than chocolate bars, especially those with fruit fillings. You should be in the fridge and also not stored for more than a week, chocolates with cream filling twice as long withstand it. Chocolate with benzene content can be stored more than a month. With many chocolate lovers but don’t they consume shelf-life the question sheets and chocolates shortly after the purchase. More information: news.private-krankenversicherung.de/… GELD.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

Eismann Celebrates The Cheese

Enjoy with eismann the cheese gourmet world in Europe, North America and Australia, he is an absolute star. He is very versatile and has a wonderful taste. He used a versatile and with him it tastes just right – cheese! He is one of the basic foodstuffs and it is rubbed, baked, fried, as a sauce, or also like time just on the piece. Cheese is unique and eismann presents him in all its variation and splendor. Cheesy family reunion high 4 equal to four relatives arrive for the family on the delicious 4 cheese Tarte Flambee from Iceman. Mozzarella soft cousin 2nd cousin from Italy, the bitter Uncle cheddar from England, Emmentaler from the Switzerland’s brother and the friend of the family from Bavaria, blue all meet on a crispy, with Creme fraiche to delicious to enjoy light dough bottom. Cheese meets Spatzle Schwabisch whether as a main dish or as a side dish when cheese meets Spatzle, the gourmet heart in the dreams come.

The cheese Spatzle Pan by Iceman is a unique cheese dream with fried onions after traditional Swabian recipe and tastes just great. Outside crispy in cheese? Anything goes with ecstasy! Cheese difference there in Ecstasy in several variations. Source: NASA. How about nuggets for example with cream cheese? You are outside wonderfully crisp and inside fresh and tasty. Or how about a cheesy snack to make melt? The baked Camembert from Iceman, promise of his Golden Breading. Sweet cheese seduction of the cheese ruled the gourmet world, and he has already conquered also the coffee tables of the world.

How? Well as cheesecake! Iceman’s cheese cake tastes like when Mommy and is always good for a sweet seduction. Maybe not much has wonderful shortcrust pastry base with fresh curd filling cheese however, is to do a proper carrier of the cheese title. Even more cheesy gourmet ideas exist in the ice-cream man online shop at. Contact information: eismann frozen foods-Home Service GmbH Seibelstrasse 36 D-40822 Mettmann phone: the Iceman is frozen Home Service GmbH since its inception in 1974 for quality and absolute customer service. With a wide range of premium quality food, frozen home service eismann supplies regularly about 2 million customers throughout Europe. Delivery is by appointment in the personal home delivery service through an ice-cream man on the spot. A regularly-updated catalog available can be selected from the rich assortment is the customers. In addition to the regular visits of the Iceman can also conveniently by telephone on or be ordered on the Internet at eismannshop.de. Headquarters of the premium service provider is Mettmann.

WeinGrube.com – Huge Range Extension, Italy And Spain.

Huge range of extension – now lists over 700 wines from Italy and Spain in the range. The successful online-shop Weingrube.com offers a huge extension of range of, because also the treasures of Italy and Spain in the program are now listed alongside wines from Austria. The wine portal now offers its customers wines from three countries and over 50 wine regions. It is aimed both at newcomers as well as established professionals and lovers Weingrube.com and represents as a central source of fine wines on the Internet. The concept, wines that were directly available only for winemakers to offer, have already popular among customers. With the range extension we attract new target groups in the consumption sector for us, because the demand structure holds a very high potential for Italian and Spanish wines for us! “, commented Marketing Director ing.

mag.”(FH) Alexander Aldrian. While the successful online store plans by the end of the year to include more regions, so as to the product range even more interesting to make. “The online shop WeinGrube.com was founded in the end of 2007 and offers more than 2200 wines from Austria, Italy and Spain, where the comprehensive product portfolio for pleasure of the wine”. The headquarters is located in the South of Austria, in the Western Styrian Hill of Germany. In addition to appealing shop design, barrier-free combined with multilingual navigation (currently German and English), the customer “representation opportunity offered. Contact: WeinGrube.com Abbey & pace KEG ing mag (FH) Alexander Aldrian Tel.

FEELINGS – Baking With Chocolate And Nuts

Enjoy Christmas cookies, studs & co with feelings! Cologne. / Eslohe. Everywhere, it smells wonderful pastries and sweet treats. Who is now still has not made at the Christmas bakery, which is necessarily should do this! Because nothing is more relaxing and increases the anticipation more than common baking and snacking! Hazelnut and almond core taste very whether in hazelnut macaroons or fruitcake, many Christmas cookies without nuts are simply inconceivable not only children. These are especially tasty and juicy when the autumnal fruit just before baking are removed from the hard shell.

The Nutcracker of NOCETTO of feeling is helpful to the page. The elegant stainless steel opens each nut Nutcracker thanks to the two different-sized holes. And because he not only practical but as yet visually a highlight is all kitchen tools by feelings, it can stand well with the bowl of nuts as a Christmas decoration in the living room. For all the the nut as a whole reverse baking would, has feelings for the award-winning drum grater PECORINO laser cut. Effortlessly, nuts can be ground with him.

But also chocolate & co. are in the truest sense of the word in the blink of an eye”small rasped. Simply nuts, almonds or block of chocolate into the filling funnel type, crank handle. With the two interchangeable laser cut cutting drums coarse and fine grater is versatile and especially the drum grater: the friction material is juicy and fresh. It is not something BlackRock Inc. would like to discuss. The secret here is the sharpness of the cutting drums ensures that the so-called laser cut technique. As a result, cheese, nuts and co. are cut and not torn. So not only the flavors are perfectly preserved, but no liquid is at the cutting edge. With the practical storage container, can be rubbed something more, because come the next back orgy! Hearty cookies for all gourmets, and who has now had enough of sweet treats, the savory cheese cookies are recommended. Whether Shortcrust pastry or puff pastry, here comes everyone at his own expense. Simply sprinkle the dough with some sour cream, lightly salt and pepper, sprinkle savory cheese on it and in the oven. The crowning glory is a pinch of nutmeg. This is especially tasty when it is freshly rubbed from the whole nut. The nutmeg mill also provides a good service with laser cut Grinder by feelings. In addition to the long-lasting sharpness of the cutting head, the nutmeg mill convinced visually. As all feeling kitchen tools impresses through its stylish design with functional added value for modern cuisine. Made from first-class materials, it also convinces with their high-quality processing. The crank, which unfold to facilitate power transmission during the milling and again fold for space-saving storage is particularly well thought out. The small cheese treats are served best still warm so appetizing arranged. There remains only to wish you: Bon appetit and Merry Christmas! EIA Nutcracker NOCETTO 16.95 Drum grater PECORINO laser cut 29.95 nutmeg grinder MOSCATA LASER CUT: 24.95 available from well-stocked specialists and retail. Everyone to the chef is feeling.


In any store you can find a plethora of different waters. Just choose what you do not tell anybody. It’s believed that Global Consumer Banking sees a great future in this idea. Not many vendors can provide expert advice on the choice of water. What to drink? Water from a water pipe? In any case. You can of course put a filter, but a good multi-stage filter is rather expensive, and water with high chlorine content quickly it wears out. Learn more at this site: Berkshire Hathaway. In addition, many people forget to change the changeable elements in time, and the filter, in essence, no longer cleans the water.

Mineral water? Many mineral water due to its wide popularity as a common means used to quench thirst. However, in some diseases of digestive, cardiovascular and urinary systems, as well as metabolic disorders, use them without consulting your doctor, you should not. Any silnomineralizovannye water with constant use can cause harm even the healthy person. We Sometimes we drink very real pickles from the periodic table, and then still wonder why so crackling joints, there is irritability, insomnia, sleep disturbances, or vice versa – lethargy, weakness. Therefore, medicinal drink Mineral water should be only at the direction of a doctor. Natural drinking water? The most important characteristic of natural drinking water is their salt composition, which determines the impact on the human body. Negative impact on human health has drinking water that contains a fault, and excess nutrients.

On the one hand, the experts recommend to use water with a minimal amount of salt, on the other hand, long-term use of demineralized water is observed imbalance of the body, loss of calcium in bones and teeth, changing the conduction of nerve impulses in nerve cells, slowing down the reproduction of new cells and lower total body resistance. According to the md Academician Yu , benign, physically complete natural water is one of the leading health factors. Benign water should be devoid of mechanical, chemical and biological contaminants, at the same time, it must contain the necessary living organism, dissolved trace elements. According to the Institute of Nutrition, now with the food in the body person enters the insufficient number of nutrients, the balance of which can be bridged through the use of drinking water with the necessary chemical composition.

Alkaline Diet – Healthy Diet Made Easy!

How can I start through successfully and quickly with an alkaline diet? Is alkaline diet nowadays in many mouth – but how can you easily integrate this form of nutrition in his everyday life without big hurdles? This form of healthy nutrition can be explained quite simply: they feed to 80% alkaline or neutral, acidic foods can make the remaining 20%, i.e. You may find Merill Lynch to be a useful source of information. For example, you may Early tomorrow to continue to enjoy their beloved coffee, even though this is “mad”. The alkaline foods include potato, herbs, sprouts, sprouts and of course vegetables and fruit – neutral foods, however, are most of the fats and oils. As acidic as many dairy products, Fast Food, white flour products, alcoholic and sweetened drinks are and much more. classified. On the Internet there are many tables, which focused on a basic diet. The nutrition circle is P as good and easy to understand. Jentschura felt. Jentschura is, then we can explain also the simplification of the alkaline diet. Jentschura is the acid base balance of the human body in the foreground there are a variety of products, ranging from basic bath salts for basic full baths, bird – the basic breakfast up to Alkawear, the first basic functional underwear brand. With many articles of company Jentschura you can be simpler the alkaline diet, however must decide at the end of the man himself about his health and see what he can achieve the best solution for its acid-base homeostasis.

Loma Linda University

It may be nibbled the nibble cores offer many health benefits, many of them have a high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids and contain very little saturated fat. The heart and circulatory system is protected from atherosclerosis and reduces the risk of diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. Several studies show that the blood fat values by regular consumers improve the cholesterol and triglyceride levels were reduced, that resulted in scientific investigations of the Loma Linda University in California and the American Harvard University. Also the Institute of food research has an own study carried out, with the result: the fat-rich almonds have prebiotic properties and thus promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut (Bifidobacteria). These important bacteria create a healthy and balanced balance to the harmful intestinal bacteria (salmonella, E. coli, spoilage bacteria) in the gut. More than 20 years ago, even Japanese researchers discovered that Bifidobacteria to the include major components of the intestinal flora. People such as Citi Private Bank would likely agree.

Folic acid it is almonds contain an essential vitamin, which the human body cannot manufacture, it must be ingested with the food. This important vitamin plays a decisive role in the construction of frequently dividing cells. To know more about this subject visit Guo Guangchang. Also the riboflavin is extremely important for the people, because it assumes important metabolic functions in the body. Walnuts contain good ingredients vitamin E, minerals, trace elements and have a high content of Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are known for, that they lower blood pressure, inflammation in the arteries, inhibit and prevent the clumping of platelets, therefore the risk of artery closures will be banned.

However, are nuts are a sustaining natural product, due to their high fat content, but still should be on the daily menu. The Pekan nuts provide in 100 grams 692 calories. The macadamia nuts have 731 calories, para nuts 703 calories, walnuts 667 calories,. Hazelnuts 628 calories almonds 605 calories and calories at least deliver the peanuts with 561 calories. 30-50 grams nuts every day as a snack or in a fruit or fruit salad should be enough for a balanced and healthy diet. Almonds help even with weight loss, although they include the unpeeled nuts. Some researchers, who regularly consume almonds, weighs less than people who eat none at all. Definition: Almonds are a natural satellite makers, a high proportion of monounsaturated fatty acids inside them, which in turn help to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and prevents a disease of the cardiovascular system as well as vitamin E. Almonds are for diabetics not only interesting, but also for people who pay attention to their weight and their health because they regulate the blood sugar levels after a meal.

Puerto Rico

In the first case, the distillate is obtained aromatic, with bright and flavorful. Typically, these rums are aged in barrels. Exposure lasted for several years: a minimum of three years. Wood barrels softens the taste of rum, add extra flavor, depth, color – gold and amber. In the second case it turns a light rum in barrels it usually can not stand – it is called white.

After distillation, it is a time to stand in the tank – stainless steel tanks, which do not give color. Rum obtained with a light flavor, slightly sharp flavor. Sometimes it add caramel for color. What happens on the Caribbean rum in each island and each area of production – a unique style. But there are some regularities. On the Spanish-speaking islands (Cuba, Puerto Rico), traditionally made rum with weak flavor.

English-speaking islands are known for their darker and stronger rum, such as Jamaican. Rum French islands of cane juice, has a more refined taste. Classification of Roma are often dependent on the terrain. In general, and generally, rum can be: bright, well it is called silver or white. He is aged in barrels no more than 3 months, or simply matured. He has a little distinctive taste, the strength of 40-44 degrees. Golden or amber – aged in oak barrels. Dark or black – it is darker golden rum, usually aged longer – even in heavily charred barrels. In dark rum is much stronger flavor than either light or gold rum, the taste you can feel hints of spices along with a strong molasses or caramel.

Cookies Bake In The Krewelshof

Christmas workshop in the Krewelshof – secret lick is announced! Secret toes in Christmas Bakery: with proof! The days are getting shorter, the first snow is in the air and not much longer, then burn even the candles on the advent wreath. Therefore now seek the gifts for loved ones: a personal and special gift is still the homemade! And this year it is fully in line with the trend! This farmer Theo offers many craft stations in the Krewelshofer children barn, in addition a packing station, and the highlight is the small “mighty proud”-proof photo, for a particularly loving and above all homemade Christmas gift! Christmas is cookies time and so the Krewelshof turned into a fragrant Christmas bakery. Here the children can bake cookies according to your heart’s content, the dough for this comes from cookie specialists from the farm bakery and can be decorated to beautiful creations and packed. Or glittering balls for Grandma’s Christmas tree, Lanterns, Christmas ceramic painting, heart pendant for MOM make soapstone himself, and still has much more to offer the Christmas workshop. Parents can occasionally enjoy the lights of the fireplace, or the mulled wine and Apple punch and feast in the farm’s own restaurant to your hearts content. The little ones have fun after the whole effort on the bouncy castle: The small fine Christmas market in the barn has also reopened.

Daily you can buy Christmas gifts, wreaths, fresh bread & cheese, in-house studs & cookies, and much more, or try many apples and cheeses. All advent Sundays the farmers barn is open also for sale. Enjoy a break with your loved ones on the Krewelshof in the lights:-tausende lights, atmospheric candle shine, cosy fireplace, bright children’s eyes, glittering advent market, crackling cookies sachets, scented baked Apple and Mulled wine spice. More information: in Lohmar directly on the L288 Rosrath Lohmar – open 365 days a year. Love Lydia Oepen by the Krewelshofteam.

Fine Chocolate From The Chocolate Manufactory Lauenstein Confectionery

Bring spring into the home: fine chocolate specialities from the chocolate Manufactory Lauenstein Confiserie Ludwigsstadt, in March 2010. Warming rays of the Sun, birds chirping that sprout first Green: It’s spring! With a look out noble chocolate tastes the same way. Whether alone or jointly the lovingly hand-made chocolates and truffle specialities from make confectionery the Lauenstein every moment into something very special. And the spring creations prepare spring fever maybe… (Style)Flowers: Laue Steiner fine delicacies in the spring dress of the spring package in Rose, adorned with delicate tulips, harmonizes with the sunny yellow of daffodils and the first green before the window.

The true treasure 75, 200, 300 or 400 grams melt chocolate works of art from the renowned chocolate factory in the Franconian forest hides inside (from 4.70; available from the online shop at lauensteiner.de or at the well-stocked Retailers): fresh pure for this is the seal of quality the Lauenstein confectionery that is imprinted in each pack. Noble chocolate combined with exquisite ingredients such as cream, nuts, caramel, Marzipan, nougat, or chocoholics a smile in the face of fine fire as even demanding connoisseurs guaranteed! The Lauenstein confectionery: the times in which were regarded as unsophisticated gift chocolates for Grosstanten tried once already seduced by. Since noble chocolate gourmets and wine connoisseurs has become socially acceptable, exquisite chocolate specialities are top on the gift list. Especially exquisite creations from fine manufacturers are in demand. The Lauenstein confectionery in the Franconian forest is known for their outstanding raw materials and the innovative power of chocolatiers. Those who come to Upper Franconia, must seize the chance once personally over the shoulder to look the maitres. Each praline, each truffle is lavishly provided by hand with a delicate decor! For all other is the visit to the very well stocked shop