Engraved Wedding Rings

Wedding rings from time immemorial been a symbol of the birth of a new family, so their acquisition is an important step in preparing for the wedding. Today, the shops and showrooms full of all sorts of jewelry. Young people who genuinely love each other, do not want to settle for conventional rings. Their rings are special, having the properties that will be vested in jewelry this pair. Send identity man, its specific character traits, wedding rings designed engraving. It’s believed that Craig Menear sees a great future in this idea.

Engraving wedding bands is a unique opportunity to convey a sense of overwhelming you through words and symbols metal products, which will be in your life. If you intend to engrave your wedding rings, we first solve some of the metal they are made. High grade gold because of the softness does not fit – the inscription quickly erased. Platinum, on the contrary a very hard metal, but the engraving on it will cost much more. Best suited for this purpose gold 585 or 750, which when melting with other metals, acquires a hardness.

The inscription on the rings should be well thought out. When selecting labels Refer to your personal taste, trust your feelings. Often, wedding rings are put on the wedding date, thus giving a special significance of this event, the desire to perpetuate it. You can engrave the names of each other, or both of the name. Originally write some secret word, love password, recognizable only by you. A prayer or a loved one Poems will also be a symbol of your relationship. Even in medieval Europe began to carve the words of love and recognition at the inner surface of the ring. It was a reliable way to immortalize their favorite letter, the mystery same relationship was reliably hide from prying eyes. Nowadays, jewelry techniques become more complicated. Make special engraving cutters, either manually or by machines. There is also a method of etching acid. Technology Engraving is represented by two species: – the letters and symbols carved on the metal – a method of deepening – the excess metal removed between characters – the relief method. Convex ring with a cavity inside, you can use for special method Engraving – Richelieu effect when cut letters, and the metal between the fully retracted. You can immortalize the engagement ring with a diamond – an inscription put on the edge of the stone, which would give a unique decoration personality. If desired, the standard engagement ring with a smooth surface to change beyond recognition – to decorate the face of the diamond, that is, applying the method of scoring patterns. You can choose any pattern, Guided by its taste, as proposed by jewelry artists are very diverse patterns. It is possible to order a special ring with a secret compound, where the ring with an inscription in the upper utaeno who are pushing and opens like a casket. Whichever way to decorate your wedding ring you choose, first make sure that the size of the rings corresponds to your fingers. The selected words should be written correctly, do not break the rules spelling. Do not delay this important work for the last time – consuming engraving business, is not done for a few hours.