The engine on trucks mounted six-cylinder, four-carburetor engine with a vertical one 'in-line arrangement of cylinders. The engine is mounted on the chassis frame on four pillars that are rubber pillows. In the cylinder block are pressed dry shells in acid-iron. Exhaust valve seat inserts are made of special heat-resistant cast iron high hardness, saddle inlet valves are made directly in the body of the block. The cylinder head is made of aluminum alloy, is set to staleasbestovoy strip and attached to the block heels. Under the nuts bolts supplied steel washers. Must periodically check the mounting of the cylinder head, not allowing passage of cooling-lived bone and gas.

Crank and distribution mechanisms in normal operation the forklift is necessary through 1200-1400 hours to replace the piston rings, valves and get used to clean the cylinder head and pistons from scale, and valve box and its lid – from the oil deposits. Liners and connecting rod bearings need to inspect and replace if necessary. Periodically check and, if necessary, adjust the clearance between the valves and pushrods. Sign of a large gap between the pushers and the valves are knocking at the valves and the fall engine power. Sign of the small gap at the inlet valve is a "sneeze" in the carburetor, the exhaust – explosions in the muffler. These phenomena are especially noticeable when the engine is at a high frequency of rotation crankshaft. Continuous operation of the engine reduce the gap will inevitably lead to burnout head valves and their seats and as a consequence, the failure of the engine. On a cold engine knock may be weak valves, which disappears after the warm-up.

Adjustment of the gap between the pushers and the valves to make the following order: – establish the first cylinder piston in TDC position compression stroke – lift the valve box covers – In this position, adjust the exhaust valves in 6, 3 and 5 cylinders and the intake of 1, 2 and 4 cylinders – Crank one turn and adjust the exhaust valves in 2, 4 and 6 cylinders and the inlet 3, 5 and 6 cylinders.