Clarence Edwards

Eilleen Regina Edwards was born in Windsor, Canada, in 28 of August of 1965 and is the full name of the singer and known composer world-wide as Shania Twain. Still baby, was abandoned by its father Clarence Edwards. Thus, with the objective to move of life, Sharon, mother of Shania, its older son for Timmins changed itself with it and, where they had known Jerry Twain there, a Ojibway indian, who later was married the mother of the singer. Since very new, Eilleen started to sing in bars of the city, being earned great professional experience and position of palco. It costuma to say that for many times it suffered due to food in house, but never due to music.

Moreover, still in infancy, it also suffered with brutais acts from violence and abuses from Jerry. To the eight years, it started to sing in local club of musics country, increasing still more its passion for the profession. Already, in the adolescence, it was freqentadora constant of radio competitions and television. With the death of its parents, financial situation pssima and having that to take care of of its 3 new brothers, Shania thought about giving up the career, but its friend and singer Mary stimulated it to Bailey not to stop. Later, Mary becomes its entrepreneur and, in 1993, the singer changed its name for Shania Twain, that in Ojibway language that means ' ' I am in mine caminho' '.

The first album of the singer was launched in 1993 and the same took name that the singer. However, it did not vendeu many copies. After much battle, launched its as record ' ' The Woman in Me' ' , that it provided much success to its career, in 1995. In 97, its career still more increased with the COMPACT DISC ' ' It eats on Over' ' , being considered the record more vendido by a woman in any musical sort, beyond the heading of one of the five vendidos albums more in the launching in the Guiness Book. After the maternity, Shania launched a series of intitled albums ' ' Up! ' ' , in 2001. Moreover, a COMPACT DISC with ' ' Greatest Hits ' ' it was launched in 2004. Beyond pretty, talentosa and an example for having superficially given the return in its life, Shania Twain is known in some places of the world. If to want to more know a little regarding the career of this singer and composer of success, have access to the site of letters of musics and see the letters of the Shania Twain.