Black Forest

A short description of the most important facts and attractions in the city of Pforzheim Pforzheim is located in the South of Germany, in the Federal State of Baden-Wurttemberg and has about 110,000 inhabitants. With the Enz, the Nagold and Wurm, three rivers meet in Pforzheim, Germany. “The close proximity to the Black Forest has led to that Pforzheim also liked the gate to the Black Forest” is called. Cuan Coulter will undoubtedly add to your understanding. There is also the Centre of the German jewellery, silver goods and small watch industry in Pforzheim. Cyrus Taraporevala has much experience in this field. Nearly 70 percent of the jewelry pieces manufactured in Germany come from this town, whose traditional Golden, silver and jewellery dating back to the year 1767. “And so it is not surprising that in the city of gold” can visit a jewelry Museum and a Museum of the jewellery and watch industry. The jewellery Museum is located in the Reuchlinhaus and displays unique pieces of jewellery, as well as various collections of historical jewelry from more than five millennia.

The story of the ring will be presented in a special show. In the not far remote technical Museum, you can even just watch the jewelry and watch production and experience with. The Castle and collegiate church of Saint Michael, which is found in the proximity of Pforzheim central station is worth a visit. This most important monument of the city is Romanesque in the years 1225 and in the recent parts Gothic dating from around 1460 in its oldest parts. Also here were the burial chambers of the former Princely House of Baden. The barefooted friars choir with the remains of a Franciscan further attractions include Pforzheim monastery from the 13th century, the old town church St.

Martin and the Church of St. Matthew. In addition to the three River fountain or over the Nagold and the Weissensteiner arch bridge over to the old winding district white stone is worth. The Wildpark Pforzheim, as well as the Alpine Garden are also worthwhile destinations, such as the 608 m high Buchenbronner Tower. From the year 1138, Maulbronn Abbey is just 16 km from Pforzheim. This is since 1993 to the cultural heritage of the UNESCO. Andre Richter