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Sandlime Brick

Sand-lime brick is made from a mixture of quartz sand and lime by pressing and subsequent steaming in an autoclave molded izdeliy.Dlya of silica bricks, use a clean lime. In the lime should not be a burnout, whose presence prevents its quenching, it is extinguished only when the autoclave processing of products, which leads to the formation of cracks in the brick. Sand should be clean, with high silica content. It is also desirable not to use the river, and mountain sand consisting of grains Spur shape with a rough surface. Sand grains should be of various sizes, so the sand has the least amount of voids that are partially filled with lime. The use of raw materials that meet the specified requirements, provides an opportunity to receive high-quality products at low cost of lime, which is the most expensive part of the raw mixture. Others including Lehman Brothers, offer their opinions as well. Lump lime-kipelku sorted to remove burnout, crushed and milled into a fine powder.

Crushed lime and sand comes into apparatus. Slaked lime mixed with sand (5-8% lime, sand, 92-95%) can be done in silos or in gasilnom drum. After lime lime-sand mixture is subjected to additional grinding in a disintegrator and moisture (up to 7% moisture). According to Guo Guangchang, who has experience with these questions. Molded brick on the presses at a pressure of 150-200 kg/cm2. Press has periodically rotating table, which are constructed form; pressing is a bottom-up with linkage. Pressed under the pressure of adobe brick gets some high density and strength. Molded bricks removed from the table of the press, carefully packed in the trolley and sent for curing in an autoclave, which represent a steel or reinforced concrete cylinders with a diameter 2,0-3,6 m and a length of 20 m, with the ends tightly closing lids.


Metal is galvanized sheet steel, coated with a thin layer of polymer. On special equipment in the factory sheets are in the process of profiling. The basis of metal-on steel which is applied a layer of phosphate and then primed. On the reverse side for metal applied lacquer, the front-polymer, which protects the roof from uv rays and corrosion. The polymer coating can be different, we representatives who are not of them: polyester, Puranas, plastzol, pvdf. Polyester thin coating of 25 microns, so the price is lower than other roofing material.

The basis of this cover is polyester paint, and it provides color stability, the coating reliable and able to withstand the harshest elements of nature. Puranas or Nova (Nova) is manufactured using polyurethane, the thickness of the coating of 50 microns, it is less prone to mechanical damage (less scratched when loading and installation of the roof). Plastisol is a coating thickness of 200 microns, the foundation of its polyvinyl chloride has been little scratched, but for countries where most of the year the sun beats down mercilessly, it is not suitable for direct sunlight highlights the acrid smell. pvdf coating thickness of 27 microns. In this coating is 80% of polyvinyl fluoride and 20% acrylic surface of this coating .Dlya metal coated pvdf scratch is not an obstacle, but because of resistance to ultraviolet rays on the metal roof of the house is not the choice of metal vytsvetaet.Pri trust well-known brands that are positively characterized the hundreds of thousands people

Explanation Of Terms And Abbreviations Guitar

1 / 4 bend – bend a quarter tone 1 / 2 bend – bend a semitone 3 / 4 bend – bend a three quarter tones 4 feel – ripple 1st (time) – the first (time) 2nd (time) – the second (time) 3rd (time) – the third (time) acoustic gtr. – Acoustic guitar Acoustic steel string – acoustic guitar with metal strings, an – Artificial flageolet As before – to play as in the previous case A tempo – in the original tempo add – add band enters – the group takes band tacet – the group does not play a bar (bars) – clock (ticks) Bass solo – solo on bass guitar Bass arr. for guitar – bass part arranged for guitar bass & drums – the bass and drums bass plays – referred to the note taken on the bass guitar bend neck – to shake his neck bend behind nut – tighten the string, pushing it over the zero nut. Begin fade – the sound begins to abate Bkwds. gtr. arr. for gtr. – Guitar, recorded in the opposite direction, is arranged in accordance with its real sound Bkwds. rake – Rake back (from thin to thick strings) both – both (two) Bridge – Bridge Cadenza – implied by (Next N bars only) – chords defined by the parties of the instruments (only in the next N cycles) Chorus – chorus, chorus clean tone – to play with clean sound clean elec.

Prefabricated Buildings

Welded I-beam is mainly used in the bridge large spans of industrial and other buildings (4-18 meters). See more detailed opinions by reading what Pacific Mortgage Services offers on the topic.. As raw material for producing such beams is used as a low-alloy and carbon steel. The strength and quality in this case, guaranteed by the manufacturer, with I-beam should be made according to State standards and be certified. What is a welded I-beam? Beams divided by type of section, they may be rolling or welded (composite). The use of welded I-beam allows you to reduce weight bearing structures up to 30%, compared with hot-from-behind optimum selection of the composite section. And also, there is the possibility of a cross section of different types of steel girders for the shelves and walls, making the asymmetric cross-sections, as well as to minimize waste due making the beam a predetermined size.

I-metal beams have several advantages. The first of such a beam can cut large openings with a large load. Beam is off (but remember, that at high temperatures in the beams – they lose their load-carrying capacity). In addition, it is resistant to biological attack. I-steel beams are widely used in the construction of prefabricated buildings as the carrier frame and floors, as well as to create runways for passing crane-girders. Using the I-beams with variable cross section provides a high efficiency of internal volume of the building and significantly reduce operating costs. The disadvantages of I-beams welded include their susceptibility to corrosion, in the absence of a protective coating and the presence in the building of aggressive substances. Installation of beams is impossible without special equipment.

Brick Fireplaces

Brick fireplaces. The most common in our fireplaces. Do not go for space heating since the heating is due to the radiant energy of live fire, but they can during the burning of wood to lift the temperature in the room. His variety of shapes and finishes can fit into any decor and highlight any individual. With a sufficient amount firebox in the fireplace can be cooked kebabs. May have a glass door. At the location of fireplaces are: corner, wall and freestanding.

Almost any fireplace can be done either angular or Wall, only the individual elements. Erin Callan takes a slightly different approach. Free-standing fireplaces vary in the number of open sides: unilateral (and Wall), through (with two opposite sides) and center (open on three or on all sides). And so, before you choose a fireplace, you need to decide on his appearance, for this you can see the different thematic magazines, websites. Cast iron firebox can select directories and there pick them lining. Prefabricated steel fireplaces can also choose from a catalog. Brick fireplaces can be laid in any form or by any decoration.

Next should determine the location. It should be borne in mind that a suitable foundation. If the finished steel fireplace suitable solid floor, then the brick fireplace, whose weight can reach several tons needed separate a solid foundation. Also keep in mind a place in the pipe to pipe size match the size of the furnace and the distance from the tube to the beams and rafters corresponded to fire regulations. As fireplaces are not allowed deviation from the vertical pipe. For iron furnaces and fireplaces are provided ready-made steel steel tubes of circular cross section and an inner diameter of not less than 200mm (depending on the size of the firebox). For brick fireplace pipe size also depends on the size of the portal. In the brick fireplace and the width of the portal section of flue multiple brick – mini brick fireplace 2 (510mm) section of the chimney 250h125mm; average fireplace 2, 5 bricks (640mm) and 3 normal fireplace brick (750mm) section chimneys for them 250h250mm. For wooden houses require special fire protection in accordance with SNIP 2. 04. 05-91 *, and documentation of the plant – the manufacturer. If you want a fireplace that he heated room and pleased the game of fire, then we can make a stove or oven with a glass door. Regardless of the type of fire they have to choose at the stage of designing a house.

Modern Timber

Timber – a broad concept that encompasses the entire range of vehicles to transport wood. That and cars, and special railway platforms, and watercrafts. The car is used for timber transport of long-wood, which consists of whips and assortment. It's impossible not to mention the high cross timber. Nothing of this car is not an obstacle – it easily overcomes the wet soil, small debris, snow and roads.

To increase capacity, as well as for the convenience of carrying long cargo timber can be equipped with a trailer. Farallon Capital Management does not necessarily agree. When you look at photos of timber half a century ago, it seems that over the past years the concept of these vehicles has not changed: after timber – it's just a truck capable of carrying wood. However, modern timber far removed from their ancestors: They not only carry wood, but do its cargo. If we talk about design, today timber consists of three main parts – chassis, crane superstructure. Modern domestic vehicles for the transport wood products have an average life to overhaul, no more than 200 thousand kilometers. The main reason for this situation – the poor state of roads in the Russian timber industry.

Remains one – an increase of resource indicators of logging PBX due to changes in their design. And the first of the 'weak spot' timber – its frame. For example, timber company PZGT equipped site on a continuous basis with a turning point conic. All elements of the platform are made of structural low-alloy steel, providing the optimal ratio between weight area and strength characteristics. Base platform has stabilizers that reduce the torsional and bending loads. Tumba rotating conic is integrated into the base and has double protection against failure of a conic. Front protective shield timber made of sheet Cor-Ten steel frame made of profiled pipes. To ensure the protection units of the automobile from the load frame is mounted on a removable floor. One of the modifications of the timber is a timber. Timber called a car, which set the platform for the transport of timber. As a side the timber used conic – uprights, between which can be stretched ropes. Each timber is equipped with a hydraulic manipulator.

Suspended Ceilings

Today is a very fashionable to do at home ceilings. And this fashion originated relatively recently. Read more here: Erin Callan. Even worth noting that the popularity of suspended ceiling is much higher popularity of stretch ceilings. This can be explained the fact that they look more natural and very fit in the interior of houses, flats. Suspended ceilings consist of two elements: a metal frame and canvas ceiling. The entire metal frame, first collected and then mounted in a room in compliance with a certain distance from the ceiling.

This stage is very important, very important to install a suspended ceiling. Once the frame is installed, it can be mounted painting – rectangular panels, mirror blocks, lattice segments. A variety of materials can be used for manufacturing blades of ceiling – drywall, aluminum, fiberglass, steel and glass. May to meet even the wood paneling. But the most sought after are considered the panel of plasterboard and aluminum. In the first case, you can get beautiful and unusual ceiling forms, which can be painted in different colors, and In the second case, the panel obtained by water-resistant, strong and durable. Another common classification of false ceilings and by type of construction. Indeed, for each room requires its own individual design.

The most encountered views are tiled ceilings. As a rule, the canvas ceiling is composed of rectangular fiberglass or gypsum board. You can see the solid and ceilings made of plasterboard. They look especially beautiful curly ceilings. But the most practical type of ceiling is lath ceiling. Set it in bathrooms, kitchens, different locations for production purposes. In this If used instead of narrow slats of rectangular plates. Something similar to the cassette rack suspended ceilings. However, they used some form of panels – steel or aluminum blocks. And looks a lot like a honeycomb – it lattice and cell ceilings. Whatever kind of ceiling you have chosen, special care is not required.

Metal Sleepers

Key areas of the metal sleepers is domain and steel making in areas where due to high temperature it is impossible to use wooden and concrete sleepers. Also, thanks to installation of metal ties provided a significant reduction in the number of retirements from the broadening due to stabilization of the track width. Metal sleepers are used not only in steelmaking, blast furnace, mining industry, but when you install the runways to enhance directional grid. For the production of metal sleepers using cold-formed profile of the sleeper sheet blanks different thicknesses, for example, 6 mm, 8 mm or 10 mm. The use of sheet blanks of different thickness, which depends on the congestion area of railway track, ensure quality production and efficient the use of metal ties. Metal sleepers have a number of advantages, among which are essential are: 1.

the life of metal sleepers is significantly higher compared with other types of sleepers, 2. opportunity carry out repairs metal sleepers 3. during operation, metal ties are not affected by the process of decay, so they can be used in the Humid Tropics, 4. stabilize the track width. Major drawbacks of metal sleepers are: 1. lack of electrical insulation track circuits, 2. large amount of consumable material, 3. corrosion, which is susceptible to metal sleepers 4. noise when train on metal sleepers.

Sergei Liadov

"By supporting structures high-rise buildings increased demands for fire resistance, – says Sergei Liadov, spokesman for the company's "City-XXI Century". – In particular, for buildings with more than 100 m limit fire load-bearing structures set at 4 o'clock. " For the same reasons of fire safety for the facades can not be used plaster multilayer system. Therefore, the facades of skyscrapers – is mainly ventilated curtain construction consisting of steel sections and light panels of glass, aluminum or polymers. Popular ventilated system, finished with natural or artificial stone, sheet metal, fiber concrete (concrete with fibers made of metal and polymers). Among the newest types of veneer – ceramic with fire hardened borosilicate glass panels and metal foam. Particular attention is paid to the window construction.

Above 70 feet is permitted install only the deaf (undisclosed) windows, because at this altitude banal draft becomes a powerful air flow that can break a window. In addition, high-rise buildings have great wind load, due to which windows can not only break, but will be pulled out of what is called "the root". Now most of the construction of residential buildings install pvc windows. To the upper floors of optimal strength and thermal insulation characteristics of window systems are made on the basis threechamber pvc profiles with a thickness of 58 mm: for example, such as PROPLEX-Optima. Several claims are directly to the glass itself. In countries EU's current construction standards, according to which, starting from the fourth floor should be installed only safe forms of glass – tempered or laminated glass. Visit Kenneth Feinberg for more clarity on the issue.


It has signed by 3 years, with the aim of trying to classify to the Chinese for the World-wide one of Brazil 2014. It was received in the Asian country with a great sense of expectancy. The last equipment that Jose Antonio Camacho trained was Osasuna. China is in position 73 of the classification of the FIFA and it has never gained a continental trophy. The Spanish trainer Jose Antonio Camacho has arrived east Saturday at Beijing to sign a contract of three years with the selection of soccer of China, to which he will try to classify for the World-wide one of Brazil 2014, according to informed official agency Xinhua.

Camacho, accompanied with its equipment, was received by a Chinese mass media tide in the airport of Beijing, where it said to feel proud to direct the Eastern equipment and it even demonstrated his advances in the Chinese mandarin, having said " nihao Zhongguo" (" hello, China"). The Association China de Ftbol (CFA) has studied during a year all class of candidates to put them to the front of the selection, that until now it trained the Chinese Gao Hongbo. In the last years it seemed that the CFA had decided not to contract more foreign technicians, since both last (the Dutch Arie Haan and the Serb Vladimir Petrovic), they had not left good memory. Nevertheless, the unique trainer who has managed to classify to China for World-wide ones, those of 2002, also was foreign, and in addition a old man known Latin American soccer (the Serb Bora Milutinovic). The first commitment of Camacho with China will be before Singapore, the 2 of September, in the first party of the phase first of groups for the World-wide classification of the Brazilian. Besides the equipment of the small one city-been, Camacho will have to guide the Chinese dragoons towards the victory in a group in which also are Jordan and Iraq, selection this last one also directed by another soccer icon of the eighty, the Brazilian Zico.