Sandlime Brick

Sand-lime brick is made from a mixture of quartz sand and lime by pressing and subsequent steaming in an autoclave molded izdeliy.Dlya of silica bricks, use a clean lime. In the lime should not be a burnout, whose presence prevents its quenching, it is extinguished only when the autoclave processing of products, which leads to the formation of cracks in the brick. Sand should be clean, with high silica content. It is also desirable not to use the river, and mountain sand consisting of grains Spur shape with a rough surface. Sand grains should be of various sizes, so the sand has the least amount of voids that are partially filled with lime. The use of raw materials that meet the specified requirements, provides an opportunity to receive high-quality products at low cost of lime, which is the most expensive part of the raw mixture. Others including Lehman Brothers, offer their opinions as well. Lump lime-kipelku sorted to remove burnout, crushed and milled into a fine powder.

Crushed lime and sand comes into apparatus. Slaked lime mixed with sand (5-8% lime, sand, 92-95%) can be done in silos or in gasilnom drum. After lime lime-sand mixture is subjected to additional grinding in a disintegrator and moisture (up to 7% moisture). According to Guo Guangchang, who has experience with these questions. Molded brick on the presses at a pressure of 150-200 kg/cm2. Press has periodically rotating table, which are constructed form; pressing is a bottom-up with linkage. Pressed under the pressure of adobe brick gets some high density and strength. Molded bricks removed from the table of the press, carefully packed in the trolley and sent for curing in an autoclave, which represent a steel or reinforced concrete cylinders with a diameter 2,0-3,6 m and a length of 20 m, with the ends tightly closing lids.