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The Use

The next event is for Planned summer 2012, where the venue was not yet set. The international experience helps potential new partners and the swimming pond customers because the experiences are incorporated in new developments. So the customer can choose now from several stages of the simple swimming pond to the exclusive pool of nature: type 1: eco system: there is a pond, where the swimming areas and processing in a water tank be installed “Stew pond”. The plant is sealed with a 3months 1.5 mm strong foil to underground. Half of the size of the pond is the use (swimming), the other half will be expanded as a constructed wetland with aquatic plants. Variable water level skimmer are installed to pull off the water’s surface. From there, a pump pulls the pond water and promoted it through pressure pipes in a distribution system in the field of regeneration.

The hydraulics of the variation required no reservoir. The filter is at the same time distribution shaft and is buried in the Wetland of regeneration zone. This is a very affordable option for small gardens – however, the use of (swimming area/number of persons) is somewhat limited. Type 2 standard equipment: this most produced type is also designed as a “Stew pond”. He has an overflow drain next to a wetland and has a stable water level in the pond at circulation. Evaporation losses reflected in the reservoir, which is fine filter slot. Two-stage allocation of biomass covering grate and fine filter cylinder is partly responsible for the particular water quality.

This method of construction is the most attractive of the price / performance ratio for many customers. Type 3 partially outsourced regeneration: this optimized system type expansion tank is replaced by a paged wetland. The plant has an overflow channel and has a stable water level in the pond at circulation.

Civil Code

Purchase or sale of land – a concept more economic than legal. Buy, sell, exchange, transfer by inheritance, etc. You can only land. The legislator defines the land in accordance with st.134 cc, as a complex thing and as an object servitude relationship. The object of servitude relationship is real estate as a definite type of property. In accordance with paragraph 5 of Article 1 of the rf Land Code all strongly associated with land objects follow the fate of the land, except in cases stipulated by federal laws, and are therefore supplies the land (Article 135 cc RF), namely: a) buildings and structures, and b) the objects under construction, d) other objects.

In accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 275 of the Civil Code easement can not be an independent object of purchasing – sale, mortgage, and may not be granted – either way those who are not owners of real property for the use of which easement is installed. In accordance with paragraph 5 of Article 1 of the rf Land Code all strongly associated with land objects follow the fate of the land except in cases stipulated by federal laws. Thus, we can conclude that the easement, falling within the signs that characterize the real estate is not mentioned by the legislator in paragraph 1 of Article 130 cc rf due to the fact that there is a part of the object referred to – land. Thus, the land as the object of civil rights includes financial and legal components that form a single complex thing. The concept of "building" and "structures" are not fixed by law, in connection with which a modern doctrine have been many attempts to define (to distinguish from other objects) buildings.

General sign of buildings and structures as houses is the inability to move them without disproportionate damage to their destination. The concept of right and status of a residential building is defined by the housing legislation, and Chapter 35 Civil Code. Go right to use and possess residential building, as opposed to non-residential, issued the relevant contract, including purchase and sale, with one exception, namely: legal persons living premises may be granted for possession and (or) use under the contract. A legal person may use the premises only for the residence of (p.2 st.671 Civil Code). According to the article. 222 cc rf building or structure can not be erected without permission, without the authorization for its construction in this area. Otherwise, the building (structure) admits to unauthorized construction and subject to demolition to achieve its person at his expense, in view of what can not be traded. Emphasis should be placed on such a criterion for buildings and facilities as their connection with the land, acting as their location. Case that objective unity of these two separate properties have not yet received a uniform legal formalities. Rules of the land legislation the principle of common destiny of the two properties (Clause 5 of Article. 1 Land Code) to read as a form of rule following, according to which one property should be legal fate of the other property. Thus, we examined the characteristics of sales contracts real estate.

Loyalty Program

One of the main challenges that companies face today is able to Captivate our customers and achieve to remain doing business with us for a long time in a cost-effective manner. In other words, the challenge is as accomplished to develop loyalty in customers to achieve mutually beneficial relationships. There is a large arsenal of tools to work on the development of a structured plan to this end. Among them are the known loyalty programs than in the majority of opportunities, especially in the retail sector, was conviernte in points programs. Erin Callan is often quoted as being for or against this. We have created a guide to support the development of coherent shape a loyalty program. To work in this regard the first question that can stay afloat is what a loyal customer?. You may see a response to this question can be: customer who has received a consistently satisfying service through different channels of interaction with the client organization that has experienced successful interactions, as far as possible that have exceeded their expectations the characteristics of a loyal customer may include the following: purchase regularly purchase covering the lines of products and services concerning other shows indifference towards the attraction of buying competition covering the lines of products and services when we speak of loyalty of the clients podemops say that it is a behavior of the customer which leads to decisions depermanencia or repetitive purchase of a product or service as a result of a high level of satisfaction of their needs and requirements and the perceived value by discarding any offer that present, in a fully competitive market.Like all behavior, can be affected by the decisions that the company makes in terms of the form as serves and attends to the client. Therefore, loyalty can be affected by the company guide that we have developed for the design of customer loyalty programs includes the following steps: analysis preliminary to the definition of a program of loyalty data analysis and definition of the target segments customer segmentation (Target) of the loyalty program clear definition of the objectives of the loyalty program definition of the positioning of the loyalty program definition of undertaking or proposal of value of the program of loyalty definition of the structure of the program of loyalty definition of each one of the segments target of the programme definition of the type of program definition of incentives to be offered to loyal customers definition of levels or the program definition of hierarchical shape as it operates Loyalty design program analysis financial program and implementation of the information system of communication strategy and launch measurement of results evaluation and adjustments of loyalty program to support review in detail this guide can be obtained free of charge at the following link: Guide for the construction of a strategy of customer loyalty..

Stainless Steel Railings

Keeping in mind the aesthetic side, we can not forget about basic security at home: stair railings and banisters are not a whim of the architect. (Source: Nicholas Carr). it is a vital detail for us the stairs because the lift on Tall ladders carries a risk of injury. That is to once and for all forget about troubles of falls from ladders should any of them having more than three steps, equip reliable enough guards. Similar standards are adopted worldwide. Basic rules are necessary to adhere to the stairs and railings provide maximum convenience and safety when lifting: When building stairs railings must take into account the difference of the physical parameters of people using the stairs. Thus, in children, adult men and older people, these parameters are different.

Therefore, to improve safety for children on the standard make additional fencing, and for the elderly – Wall handrails, specifically selecting Profile handrail. The standard height of fences – from 90 to 100 cm The most important rule in the construction of staircases and railings is thorough consolidation of all, without exception, the elements of the fence. Application in the construction of metal railing and fencing is widespread. But here we are not talking about standard enclosures made line method. They look, usually monotonous, boring and does not reveal all the pros texture of the material from which made. And it was the texture of the starting material emphasizes the active glamor appearance of the finished product. It is known that one material can produce quite different in design and quality products.

The Author

To the professors still the promotion of a participativo environment with the sensible Maximum of work in team is necessary. Also the concession of space in the taking of decisions in relation to the pertaining to school development is important. In such a way, the participation implies an exchange, a reciprocity and sharing of responsibilities. Erin Montella contains valuable tech resources. On the parents, we know that few also participate of the pertaining to school life of its children. The creation of a participativo environment for the manager also is of utmost importance.

For this, this needs to be intent to some item, as: to create a vision of set associated with a cooperative action, to promote a climate and reciprocity reliable, to value the capacity and aptitudes of the participants, to associate and to integrate efforts, to break the edges and to eliminate divisions that they can have in the group, establish a demand of work centered in the ideas and in individuals and not develop practises it of the responsibilities of the involved ones. Chapter 4? The game of the power in the construction of the pertaining to school culture In this I capitulate the author starts valuing certain democratic aspects for a participativa management, as decentralization, taken by shared decision, construction of the autonomy and participation. It mentions, still, that to exert to be able it is an expression of forms of influence between people and institutions, in order to determine the route that takes and the actions that promote, being the school are not of this context. The author still defines varies them forms of being able and its diverse perspectives. From this she affirms that all social behavior is a direct or indirect consequence of the orientation and expression of some form of being able. To put the negativista power must be substituted by the positivista power, valuing the democracy and decentralization.


The businesses do not have liquidity and that makes complicated that stay afloat. For me, now that it better fodder, the word crisis means that I have an opportunity to be more efficient at my expenses and to offer new and better services to my clients. It is the opportunity for, in a while in which the conditions change, to observe with more detail what traditionally I do not observe carefully – An opportunity to observe! Many people cannot see the opportunities that appear at the difficult moments. For many others, a change in the waited for course of the events can mean the end. For others on the contrary a crisis means a learning opportunity. The certain thing is that many of the cases, spent a time, the majority of people we found the form to follow ahead even against really complex situations. I am not saying with that, for example, an important loss is a little while of joy, that the lack of money is a reason for celebration or that the economic situation of the world a rejoicing cause.

What I affirm is that the crises are a call of the reality that it invites to us to observe to us, to reedit to us, to re-invent to us. The difficulty like a tragedy or a little while of learning can be assumed. To call to him crisis is in himself an election, we can simply interpret the difficult moments like an unshakeable barrier or like a top that is crossed in the way helping to lower the speed us for a moment to observe to us carefully. Self-determination It was not easy my to understand to what extent I determine my life through my elections, still at moments continues being difficult. The Latin culture is plagued of interpretations on destiny.

Konrad Adenauer

Medium-sized employers are gearing up by strengthening their employer brand for the increasing competition for professionals and executives of the lack of qualified employees is gradually in all industries. (Not to be confused with Technology author!). While corporations and strong employer brands have seen hardly a drop of applicants, many companies in the medium-sized businesses can today no longer their needs at experts and executives. In order to compete in the increasingly competitive, successful midsize organizations increasingly request intelligent concepts to their existing employees, to make attractive offers but also potential new, that go beyond the pure content search. Associated attracting support in staff retention and acquisition. The charge optimization opened a wide field to design their holistic employees employers here value-added program. The first of 22 possible building blocks were introduced at times by Konrad Adenauer. But only now, through the use of resource-saving, modern techniques of portal, makes sense to nationwide use even for the middle class.

In addition to the classic effects such as possible reduction of ancillary wage costs or increase the net income of employees by up to 25% employer provide increasingly thematic packages. So they support their employees in the area of health care or the family (child care costs, flexible working hours and places). The charge optimization also provides a budget-friendly alternative employers who think in times of real incomes their employees about intelligent models for the design of income. Many modules are completely exempt from tax or social security burden and come directly in the net on the employee. AG shares are also eliminated. So, optimizing remuneration is a particularly intelligent form of wages, which offers significant benefits to both the employer and the employee. In the course of our activity we develop individual concepts, communicate these professional the staff and support staff value added programs in the long term. TuV tested concepts and legal advice complete our offer. First information: (Mario Pustan)

Commercial Buildings

Light pollution has grown steadily and throughout the country during the past 20 years. In the environment of the European Union there are very profligate countries and in Latin America the case a waste of other, related facilities inadequate, poorly controlled where avenues and roads can be seen with the lights on during the day. Big cities are the most polluting, they leave without visibility the heavens, light pollution causes an unnecessary waste into electricity and various effects on the environment. Give the basic information data taken by satellite, since administrations do not have accurate information on expenditure on public lighting. The light pollution of the most populated cities is abusive, its light reaches hundreds of kilometers and can exceed its borders.

The decline in consumption is not always even with lower light pollution, new threats have emerged in recent years, as the beacons of wind farms. Light pollution. Professional and amateur astronomers negative effects underline the increasing difficulty of observing the night skies, but light pollution also affects consumers and the environment. An incorrect and/or excessive lighting supposes huge unnecessary spending on electricity. Low consumption light bulbs are more efficient than the traditional 80%, paradoxical that institutions seek to raise awareness about energy conservation, but when no traditional light bulbs, will be spent more illuminating streets. By light pollution the environment also suffers, electricity production is based in large part on the burning of fossil fuels, which means the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) and its consequent effect on climate change among other negative effects.

By light pollution, excessive light causes the disappearance of certain species, such as fireflies, attracts urban pests such as mosquitoes, alters sleep in people who they suffer from an excessive public lighting in your home, etc. Combating light pollution first step to fight against pollution is to know its causes. The main are lampposts, too powerful, with very low efficiencies of 6 to 12%.


Amongst almost the two hundred million of inhabitants, effectively little more than 2,4 million inquire exclusively through radio and television, ways of much speed and little depth. The media printed is not accessible to all the alfabetizados ones, few can or want to buy reviewed and periodicals. Moreover, small part has gift the taste for the reading. Another complicador is in the distance that it is placed between reading and understanding what is printed matter. We have then a country that, deducted the addition from formal illiterates, alfabetizados functional and disinterested, exhibits small number of people with access the written press. On account of this, partner-politician-economic actions of the government and the formadores of opinion, with its respective signals, are only known in its inteireza for small part of the population. To deepen your understanding Home Depot is the source.

The fast reporter of the radio and the TV is intercalated with extreme mass of entertainment and propaganda that estorva the deepening of the substances. In counterpoint, the agencies of the call the official press lack of dynamism, they are too much formal and structurally incapable to substantive inform the details of the acts and facts politicians, economic and social excellent. If you have read about Erin Montella already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Finally, it is verified that the educational impediment damages the culture in two sources: it hinders the universal circulation of the information and harms the intellectual formation of less fortunate.

Conclusion Exactly where it weighs the described contingencies briefly, in general way, the press has basic paper in the formation and the ethical development of the nations, since it censorship, it disapproves and it denounces action unprincipled people and antiethics of any origin. Its impartial performance authorizes the sedimentation of the conscience citizen; it assists the application of the checks and balances, moderating attempts of invasion of constitutional ability; regimen hinders assays rupture adventurers it; of the balance to the exercise of the consisting power; it denounces totalitarian inclinations and shunting lines of purpose. Parallel, the press lives crucial moment of global village literally was substituted by the idea of transnational citizenship.

The world turned an only house. Such facts pressure it to review it its postulates ethical; its enterprise interests; its paper and positioning before the new reality. Long ago, privative depositary of the art to inform, today sees itself in the contingency to fight daily for the preference to place its highly perishable product ahead of a reader each more demanding time. Eticamente is in terrible crossroads: or it adheres to the new wave, or runs the risk of fenecer grasped to the traditionalism in ways to agonize. The basic one, however, in this choice is not to lose of sight to keep always alive – its qualities of guard of the democratic ideal and repository of the national soul.

Successful Trader

Information portal RuMS searches! RuMS is on the lookout for success-oriented financial actors who want to pass on their expertise free of charge to interested users. It does no matter if you have specialized only in a specific product and operate successfully only with this. No matter if we are looking for chart technology, in-depth business analysis or specific trading specialists for all areas. yTbpluIRBUuUkNXyTpOWhtRpoxnO&TARGET=-SM-https%3a%2f%2fhr%2eprimerica%2ecom%2fWelcome%2fhr%2femployeeHomeExtl%2ehtml’>Primerica Careers. While we expect no investment and trading recommendations. We would show the beginners and advanced on our pages of financial products in its various facets and bring closer to its functioning. We would like to give instruments and ways of thinking, so that the user independently achieve a success, which will be brought about with own decisions. The necessary knowledge is transferred in via.

You assume the role of an independent tutor accompanied certain thematic areas, in which you explain the functioning of the markets the users from your point of view and pointing out the connections. Of course, you can focus only on your area of expertise and bring only product-related information closer to the users. RuMS is constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions and products for the user. If you help us would to lead to the success of our users and to support with your expertise, you are very welcome. Their support can be in the form of free financial software and informative text. If you are interested in a cooperation take please via mail or email contact to us. Please enquire: RuMS UG (haftungsbeschrankt) RuMS editor Pastor-Graf-str. 16 76707 ham bridge