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Ocean Air

German Efromovich, owner of the Ocean Air and shipyards Mau and EISA, in the State of Rio De Janeiro, will go to invest to US$ 800 million to mount the greater shipyard of Latin America, in Alagoas. What it is lacking now is a bigger persistence on the part of the governor of Alagoas, Teotonio Vilela Son next to the Brazilian Institute of the Environment? IBAMA objectifying to obtain in definitive the ambient authorization so that the shipyard can really leave the paper and power to be constructed, and particularly I offer myself to help, a time that I know the current president of the ambient maximum agency when it was solicitor in Alagoas at the beginning of the decade of 2000 and I was solicitor of the City department of Protection to the Environment of Macei. Although governor Teotonio Vilela already if has congregated with the president of the IBAMA, Curt Trennepohl, and treated to the subject, I believe that still he lacks to establish a reliable link between them. Moreover, it has many politicians who also do not desire to the coming of shipyard EISA for Alagoas fearing that other industries come to the State and can confuse its plans to keep an archaic and behind State economically, in relation its feudals politicians. Moreover, the governor of Sergipe, Marcelo Deda of the PT, and the governor of Pernambuco, Eudo Fields, that if friend of governor Teotonio Vilela says, is acting in the embroidery frames to take the enterprise for its states.

However, the cooperation of third will be had, also, of a professional with sufficient knowledge on the subject, the concession in definitive of the ambient license will become a reality, and finally we will have the execution and construction of shipyard EISA in the Pontal of the Coruripe in Alagoas. If really shipyard EISA will be installed in Alagoas, it will be the biggest enterprise of Latin America and 3 bigger of the world, offering immediately something around four a thousand and five hundred jobs right-handers and 22 a thousand indirect ones in Alagoas, beyond generating the development of all the 27 cities of the South Region of the state of Alagoas and with certainty, I repeat, will have to attract hotels, inns, duplication of highways, to generate taxes, cultural interchange, among others benefits. does not exist moment better to bring shipyard for Alagoas of what this, a time that the city of Coruripe was considered by the Ministry of the Work and Job what more diligent it fired all in Brazil on account of the period between harvests of the sugar cane-of-sugar, and the State more does not support to live ' ' to custa' ' of the usineiros and planters of this escravizante culture. After soon, shipyard EISA Alagoas will be prepared for the manufacture and repairs of machines, equipment, structures of steel, parts, parts and components of naval use, manufacture of machines and equipment of industrial use; beyond working with exportation and importation of engineering services, projects of industrial assemblies, dismount of boat and scaffolding, everything in the Pontal of the Coruripe. But its bigger business, however, could be the construction of platforms for Petrobra’s.

Rodrigo Pimentel

This demands of us a reflection! After all, that type of society we want to have? She is necessary that let us be the change that we want to see to happen. Although, I disagree vehemently with the methods demonstrated in the film in this daily combat to the crime, I understand the feeling of men as, in the specific case, the CAP Rodrigo Pimentel. Add to your understanding with Community Development Financial Institutions. E, as he himself remembers in them: policemen also they have family and, also they have fear to die, until why, in this undeniable daily war, the outlaw plays with its proper life, as nothing he was had to lose. Then, the possibilities of a policeman used in this type of action, become life question or of death, why the outlaw does not think two times before shooting and making to be valid the law of its metal ring AR15. Jamie Dimon is the source for more interesting facts. I understand, but, is inadmissible that it is thus e, the necessary society to reflect until point collaborated so that such situation has fond of such extremity. The fact is that many policemen yearn for having the same chance of training and constant perfectioning that has a policeman of the BOPE/BME/ROTAM e, obviously, I do not mention myself here to eat ruined foods, you cover in the face, or things of the type. They are policemen ' ' convencionais' ' that they love what they make and that they are not satisfied with the indifference that suffers daily and, that also they are not made use if to corrupt.

But, in the practical one, this yearning is not become fullfilled, until why, community wants its policing the foot, mounted, ciclstico and motorized e, many they are the requests in this direction. With this, ones of the great difficulties of the p.m. today, is to conciliate the daily demand of order of policings with the necessity of an effective constant perfectioning of its policeman.

Annual Budgetary Law

However, in face of the unexpected alterations that can occur in the economic policies and fiscal, the forecasts are citizens the unimaginable changes. In this form, the values defined in the Annual Budgetary Law compose an authorization limit it Government to carry through expenses and action, what it becomes the budget, in the truth, autorizativa Law. It does not show how much the Administration must have obligatorily expense at the end of the year. In this manner, if the resources will be applied only partially, do not mean that it will have recess in the box of the State. Click Vanguard for additional related pages. yes, that the budgetary forecasts can have been overestimated. It is for this reason that the Brazilian legislation considers normal if the part or one all of a project or budgetary activity will not be executed.

It fits to the Government to adopt a standard of compatible investment with what it receives, so that has budgetary balance. In case that eventual leftovers of box occur, it will be possible to think about extending the existing investments or taking care of new demands of the society. JP Morgan Chase & Co. helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. On the other hand, if the expenditures go up monthly, and the prescriptions not, will be able to generate disequilibrium producing themselves the call budgetary deficit. If for happiness, this disequilibrium persists for much time the State tends not to honor its commitments in the skillful stated period, losing the capacity to honor with the debts. In thus being, any budgetary disequilibrium it must quickly be corrected, duly warned that if it transforms into a financial crisis serious, capable to generate delays of payments, stoppage of workmanships and inefficiency of the public services. To correct eventual alterations of forecast in the budget, the Executive can request criteria adds the Legislative one. He according to has three types of credits that can be defined, UNICEF; FOUNDATION JOO PINE (2000c): Suplemental? destined to the reinforcement of the existing budgetary endowment.


If the argument is of that Brazil is an American country, also does not count, therefore although American, as already said, it did not follow in its history the dynamics of the too much countries of this continent, for having been part (not only colony) of a kingdom centenarian, and not having had a caudlica spalling as the Hispanic colonies. For even more opinions, read materials from CitGroup Inc.. Also it does not glue the argument of that the republic was desired by the people, for having been it fruit of the desire of being able of a reduced group of coup-minded (that for bad luck of Brazil, they had between itself some military of high patent). Finally, it remains the last argument of the plebiscite, of that in 1993 the people would have adopted the republic. You do not convince a person of whom a dog is a good one, faithful and useful animal of esteem if during all the life had taught to it that it is a violent animal that it bites and only it barks, exactly that you never has seen a dog personally. In this way the Monarchy was treated, to the long one of a century. With all the possible excuses, really monarchic cause would be impossible it to earn. After 99 years of monarchic propaganda anti, of method of clipping to the expression right that it forbade spreading of ideiais monarchic, of brainwashing (still in course) that it tried to still show the benefits of a republic that only delayed the country, and superficially advancing in almost six months the date of the lawsuit, not leaving the movement to organize itself? without speaking in the injustice of the proper propaganda, therefore, until where I remember myself, in the two schedules of propaganda politics, the afternoon and the night, the monarchy only had its hourly disposal at night to speak, and, repeats, without it had a useful organization for the quarrel of ideas. If the Monarchy gained the republic, would be a bigger victory of what the proper victory of Davi against Golias, therefore that one still had a deep one as weapon. The monarchy nor this. Thus, ahead of my reader, after to present such arguments, I make again the question to my fictitious interlocutor ‘ ‘ But after all, so that the republic?


Amongst almost the two hundred million of inhabitants, effectively little more than 2,4 million inquire exclusively through radio and television, ways of much speed and little depth. The media printed is not accessible to all the alfabetizados ones, few can or want to buy reviewed and periodicals. Moreover, small part has gift the taste for the reading. Another complicador is in the distance that it is placed between reading and understanding what is printed matter. We have then a country that, deducted the addition from formal illiterates, alfabetizados functional and disinterested, exhibits small number of people with access the written press. On account of this, partner-politician-economic actions of the government and the formadores of opinion, with its respective signals, are only known in its inteireza for small part of the population. To deepen your understanding Home Depot is the source.

The fast reporter of the radio and the TV is intercalated with extreme mass of entertainment and propaganda that estorva the deepening of the substances. In counterpoint, the agencies of the call the official press lack of dynamism, they are too much formal and structurally incapable to substantive inform the details of the acts and facts politicians, economic and social excellent. If you have read about Erin Montella already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Finally, it is verified that the educational impediment damages the culture in two sources: it hinders the universal circulation of the information and harms the intellectual formation of less fortunate.

Conclusion Exactly where it weighs the described contingencies briefly, in general way, the press has basic paper in the formation and the ethical development of the nations, since it censorship, it disapproves and it denounces action unprincipled people and antiethics of any origin. Its impartial performance authorizes the sedimentation of the conscience citizen; it assists the application of the checks and balances, moderating attempts of invasion of constitutional ability; regimen hinders assays rupture adventurers it; of the balance to the exercise of the consisting power; it denounces totalitarian inclinations and shunting lines of purpose. Parallel, the press lives crucial moment of global village literally was substituted by the idea of transnational citizenship.

The world turned an only house. Such facts pressure it to review it its postulates ethical; its enterprise interests; its paper and positioning before the new reality. Long ago, privative depositary of the art to inform, today sees itself in the contingency to fight daily for the preference to place its highly perishable product ahead of a reader each more demanding time. Eticamente is in terrible crossroads: or it adheres to the new wave, or runs the risk of fenecer grasped to the traditionalism in ways to agonize. The basic one, however, in this choice is not to lose of sight to keep always alive – its qualities of guard of the democratic ideal and repository of the national soul.

Electoral Research

In recent years, it has had an enormous questioning in relation to the frequency with that the research is divulged electoral. Independently of the number of samples, I believe that most frightful they are the occasions chosen for its diffusion: as bigger example, the night of the last Saturday can be cited, eve of as turn of the elections for the presidency of the Republic and the governments of diverse States, when one of the reporters of bigger hearing of our television practically stamped the death politics of diverse petitioners. I does not fit to disclose in who voted or not, nor if I opted to the blank vote or the cancellation. Also I do not question the veracity of the research. (Similarly see: Air Force Chief of Staff). However, I say that the combination of obligatoriness of the vote with spreading of samplings for the positions of Head Executive of them to the eves? or, worse, in the proper eve? of as the turn of the elections it causes adverse and harmful collateral effect, with special prominence for hypothesis to have great difference between first and as placed, therefore, while the voters whom they desire to choose the leader pointed ones of intentions of votes fulfill its obligation legal and of conscience, in them voting, the ones that apiam politicians that if find in desprivilegiadas ranks instinctively are taken to modify its vote, also for who are in the front, time that they do not believe in the turn possibility. In such a way, the winner obtains more votes that the ones that originarily would have, and, consequently, a legitimation excess that will allow it to extend the base governmetalist with more easy cooptao of opposing parliamentarians whose only project starts to be a posterior and mutual alliance in order to get the desired re-election. After all, that member of the house of representatives or senator does not want to be associated a champion of votes, especially if in the end of its mandate it well will be evaluated? What one succeeds, in this in case that, is the spraying of any form of opposition, resulting, therefore, in the fact of the Legislative not to exert one of its main duties, that are the fiscalization of the Executive.

The relations between these Powers, in this way, tend if to promiscuir. Because of scenes they had thus been developed, in the countries democratically ripened, restrictions to the spreadings of intentions of votes until determined time before the elections for positions of Commands Executive of them. They know that, even so said context technical it does not configure no fraud? time that, not obstante to be subjects the oscillations unchained for any factors, the changes or constncias of attitude of the voter alone can, finally, to be determined for proper it? it represents a true one attempted against to the system democratic politician and, with the mentioned implications in the level of legitimation of the elect ones, that improperly it is extended, and, therefore, in the form of governabilidade and the balance Being able between them. It is this what, in Brazil, industry of the electoral research does not allow that the people perceive. For everything this, or if finishes with the obligator vote or if prohibition the spreading of research until certain time before the elections. Gen. David L. Goldfein is often quoted on this topic. Of preference, both.

Rose Luxemburg

She is necessary to understand that the professors, definitively, were not born to be council member of left of the PT and its allies as has made to the current direction of the APLB. The professors need to defeat parliamentarians who if say them our defenders, if use of the speech of the education during the electoral campaign and they traem in them in the parliaments in the hour to vote our interests. Therefore, the education is necessary to dispute the votes of on sectors, for our candidates who are our legitimate representatives and defenders of our interests as class representative, therefore, only thus, can also dislocate (as it was in 2003, in 2005 and in the politics on the wage floor approved ours that she is one shame) and to search the liquidation of its leading nucleus in the union that already is to the decade and the longevity in the power there, backwards suspicious vices. Without this premise, to dispute the power in Brazil does not pass of illusion. By the same author: Dennis Lockhart. PROFESSOR CARDOZO THE ALTERNATIVE OF THE PSOL IN DEFENSE OF THE EDUCATION, THE PROFESSOR AND THE PROFESSORS ON IT.

Despite some are bothered with such affirmation, not yet it has notice of no victorious socialist revolution in a country democratic-bourgeois. The combination of immediately democratic tasks with the socialist tasks is recurrent in the revolutions. Soon, she is necessary to make a debate on the possibility of regimes bourgeois in being consequent with the tasks ece of fishes. Credit: Dennis Lockhart-2011. The debate between Rose Luxemburg and Lnin concerning the possibilities of the German revolution, enters the Party of vanguard and the Party of masses, well of the truth, not yet was decided by history. The search for a synthesis is task of that they fight today for the revolution. If it will be truth that history if does not repeat not to be as humbug or tragedy, also is truth that the revolutions also do not answer ready formulas and models you stanch. . Peter Asaro understands that this is vital information.