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For Luciane Miranda de Paula According to Denis Simon – in ' ' Techno-security in an acts of globalization' ' (1997), at the beginning of a century XXI they appear some standards of behavior, either on the part of governments or the private sector, that are defined as tecno-nationalism and tecno-globalismo. These standards of behavior will predominate in the technological markets, especially in high technology, microelectronic and biotechnology, and that it places the national security, in technological terms, less important front to the commercial challenges. The author, still, calls the attention for the fact to exist a distance enters the perspectives of the private sector, this stimulating always the strategical contribution and alliances, and of the public sector, that on behalf of a national protection and welfare of the nation, not only promotes technological the progress domestic, but, over all he keeps a control on the external access to its? know-how. It has, therefore, an irony in the States to adopt ways that hinder the globalization for the regionalizao, at the same time where the corporations confront the national barriers and politics. You may wish to learn more. If so, Pacific Mortgage Services is the place to go. Some events detached for the author will exemplificaro these phenomena, as in February of 1992, when Bush suspends sanses in the sales of high technology for China in retaliation the internal attitudes against the human rights, proliferation of missiles, among others; in 1992, measured drastic they had been 1992 taken by Robert Gates, to prevent breakings in the technology system, private public and; General US Accounting? Japan for not extending to the United States the technology used in a model of airplane developed for this edited a report criticizing, according to a bilateral agreement. Some authors, cited for Simon in its study, suggest, therefore, the prevalence of an increase of tecno-nationalism of U.S.A., especially in the corridors of the bureaucracy of the Congress and the government. This keeps an attitude conservative in way to the fast movement of innovation and technological advance in the world. .

The Author

To the professors still the promotion of a participativo environment with the sensible Maximum of work in team is necessary. Also the concession of space in the taking of decisions in relation to the pertaining to school development is important. In such a way, the participation implies an exchange, a reciprocity and sharing of responsibilities. Erin Montella contains valuable tech resources. On the parents, we know that few also participate of the pertaining to school life of its children. The creation of a participativo environment for the manager also is of utmost importance.

For this, this needs to be intent to some item, as: to create a vision of set associated with a cooperative action, to promote a climate and reciprocity reliable, to value the capacity and aptitudes of the participants, to associate and to integrate efforts, to break the edges and to eliminate divisions that they can have in the group, establish a demand of work centered in the ideas and in individuals and not develop practises it of the responsibilities of the involved ones. Chapter 4? The game of the power in the construction of the pertaining to school culture In this I capitulate the author starts valuing certain democratic aspects for a participativa management, as decentralization, taken by shared decision, construction of the autonomy and participation. It mentions, still, that to exert to be able it is an expression of forms of influence between people and institutions, in order to determine the route that takes and the actions that promote, being the school are not of this context. The author still defines varies them forms of being able and its diverse perspectives. From this she affirms that all social behavior is a direct or indirect consequence of the orientation and expression of some form of being able. To put the negativista power must be substituted by the positivista power, valuing the democracy and decentralization.

Footwear Industry

Everything starts with Department RH (Recursos Humanos), that it is responsible for enlisting, contracting and to train collaborators who will be responsible for making the reading of the market/fashion and transforming substance cousin into product finished through intelligence and of the hand of workmanship. After research of market and trends of fashion the industry of footwear of the sequncia in the development of new collections. The Department of Development of Product (Estilismo and Modelagem) that it is responsible in transforming necessities of market and trends of fashion into modeling for production in industrial scale. After, created the modeling the Departments of Income of Substance Cousin and Sector of Times give basic information for the Department of Costs to form the price of sales of the footwear. After this stage enters in scene the Departments of Marketing (Responsible for the spreading of the product and it marks) and Sales (responsible for bringing asked for of the storekeepers until the industry). With this order the Department of PCP (Planning and Control of Production) it transforms these numbers into information that will go to feed the Sectors of Production and Suppliments (Purchases and Warehouse), Suppliments order Department of Purchases to buy substance necessary and monitorial cousin the internal supplying through the Warehouse. With the substance cousin duly storaged we can cite the main sectors that the same one will pass until if transforming into finished product. The main sectors are: Cut, Backstitch, Injector, Merchandise dispatched, Assembly, Quality, Logistic Expedition and.

Better understanding the process productive of the Industry of footwear: The substance cousin leaves the warehouse, is cut in the cut sector and goes for the preparation, where she is separate, glue and sewn in the backstitch sector. It follows for the Sector of Assembly leading the fund name. The Sector of Assembly that duly was supplied by the Sector of Merchandise dispatched and Injector that they treat to mount the fund in the sole and soles transforming them into footwear.