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Special Topic Unisex Tariffs

Unisex tariffs from broker perspective: marketing strategies and desired support Eltville am Rhein, 04.06.2012. Sales brokers and multiple agents is in the current study TRENDS II / 2012 easily dropped. The survey comes to this conclusion to AssCompact trends “, which was conducted by the management consulting company, SMARTcompagnie GmbH, together with the bbg operating consultancy, Bayreuth,. Brokers and multiple agents with a negative overall mood lead deteriorating market developments mainly located to the ground. Often refer in this context to the uncertainty of policyholders and others attributing them to media reports and perceived economic risks. Despite the slight decline in the sales atmosphere when compared to the previous quarter, almost two-thirds of surveyed broker assumes an improvement of revenues in 2012.

Private liability supersedes the disability as top sellers”on the hit parade of products from view of intermediary in the 1. Quarter were particularly well or badly, reflected some of the differences. The product sales of disability insurance was best classified six quarters in a row. The private liability insurance however currently holds this position. The disability insurance is currently ranked 3. More advanced are the household insurance (of rank 4 rank 2) and the homeowners insurance (from rank 5 rank 4). However, the motor insurance has dropped from 3rd to 5th. Brokers feel on the Unisex rating is still inadequately informed the current special issue deals with the unisex tariffs.

This theme is moving the industry and is accordingly on everyone’s lips. If also not the implementation details clarified, much less because the consequences are comprehensively assess one is still sure the unisex tariffs will come, and at the end of the day it will be task of the mediator, to justify this at the customer. The question then, how well are the brokers and multiple agents in the context of unisex tariffs informed feel, indicate significant improvement.

For International Business Planning Standards

According to a study conducted by the International Fund Bleyzer in 2009, among the risk factors for the majority of investors are considering the possibility of cooperation with Ukraine, the presence of low quality of corporate governance. In particular, insufficient attention is paid to the development of the investment documentation, consistent with international standards and understandable to investors. Analysis shows that the methodological framework, which is used by an overwhelming majority of domestic enterprises to plan their development does not comply with international recommendations. It repels potential national and Foreign investors and creditors from making investments. They are not able to hold on to them acceptable techniques (international standards) examination of economic efficiency presented to them of business plans to decide on its results concerning guarantees return on investment and the level of expected profits. This fact is today one of the key, creating problem to attract investment in Ukrainian economy, and therefore requires an immediate response. Most enterprises in the state sector, the preparation of investment proposals, using guidelines for the development of business plans, approved by the Minister of Economy of Ukraine 290 from 06.09.2006g.

Experts and analysts of investment and project company BFM Group, acquainted with the above recommendations came to the conclusion that they have significant disadvantages and do not meet international standards, in particular the methodology of UNIDO, outlined in the Guidelines for the preparation of feasibility studies for industrial projects " (Second edition, 1991) and recommended for use by enterprises of UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization). Ukraine became a member of UNIDO in 1995 after the signing between the Government of Ukraine and United Nations Industrial Development Organization Agreement on cooperation in industrial development. Provision of project in a form appropriate standards recommendations UNIDO provides a certain advantage of positive decision on funding, and also gives some idea of quality of enterprise management – the applicant. Carefully prepared in accordance with international standards, investment proposals contribute to the overall increase in the volume of foreign investments into Ukraine's economy and play an important role, given Ukraine's accession to the WTO. Company specialists BFM Group proposals for revision guidelines for the development of business plans of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, taking into account international experience, in particular, the recommendations UNIDO, TACIS, World and European banks, and other international financial structures. Currently BFM Group has initiated an appeal to the Prime Minister of Ukraine on the establishment of a joint working group of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Ministry of Economy of Ukraine and the BFM Group, and the subsequent introduction of appropriate changes to the document. Help. Investment and project company BFM Group was established in 2003. The main activities: the management of industrial investment projects and providing professional services to develop investment documentation (business plans, feasibility studies, memoranda, financial business model, the concept of enterprises subject to privatization).

Asbestos Cement Pipes

Asbestos cement pressure pipes and pressure-free products are very wide application has a complex of valuable properties: 3 times lighter than metal pipes do not rust, do not burn, do not freeze, do not tend to "overgrowing"; more resistant to aggressive environments and soils, they do not need protection from stray currents and ground water; friction of water on the walls lower than that of metal pipes, which increases their capacity and reduces energy consumption for pumping liquids, reducing the cost of construction and installation work by 50-60% (cost-laying of heating and hot water a / c pipes with an increase in pipe diameter increases); effects of water (hot or cold) gives them additional strength and a large lifespan of 30-35 years. Non-pressure pipes are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of gost 1839-80 for pipes with a diameter of 100 mm and 150 mm, while for pipes with a diameter of 200, 250, 300, 400 and 500 mm employ the 5786-006-00281594-2002. Used for external devices pressureless sewage pipes (sewage pipes), chimneys (chimneys), ducts, flues, refuse chutes in residential buildings, while laying drainage collectors (drains) for pumping through the roads and crossings, cables, telephone and electric cables, instead of metal and wooden posts for fences, to replace the brick at the device cellars to override the roofs of garages and industrial buildings, for construction of foundations for columnar or single-storey prefabricated panel garden houses. To connect the asbestos-cement pipes are asbestos or non-pressurized plastic sleeves. Pressure Pipes are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of gost 539-80 grade BT-6 BT-9 and BT-12. Used for the construction of pressurized networks of potable and industrial water for pressure water supply, drainage and irrigation systems for pressure sewer (sewer pipes), heating, ventilation, drainage collectors (drains), chimneys (chimneys), ducts, flues, for thermal insulation in aggregates, in pipelines, for the foundations in wetlands, for the device through the drainage of the road and travel, for poles and fences, as well casings, well, for the manufacture of durable tray-feeders for cattle, for the manufacture of garage floors, roof gutters. To connect asbestos are asbestos cement pressure pipe joints such as the amu. To seal the fittings used rubber ring, sealing butt joint.. People such as Nicholas Carr would likely agree.

The Responsibility Of The Translator

Translators are responsible for the bridge of communication between a company and another. In their hands they have the ability to carry the text written in the original language of the author to his readers that can be so different languages speakers. The challenge is in never alter the meaning and be always transparent. To meet such Titanic work, the translator must learn to dispense with their nationality and practically become a citizen of the world, open to all cultures, willing to investigate the secrets of language and the origins of the words, understand how they think those who speak such or which language. Do not assume this challenge, who is dedicated to the translation cannot fulfil its function fully.

The translator must be the guiding thread through which cultures interact, flowers sensitivity and empathy becomes possible. Soon, readers understand realities of places that no longer seem so remote, distances are shortened and perspectives from all five continents are interpreted more easily. For assistance, try visiting Nick Carr. Is why the professional the translation must be a person committed to a learning process that does not end ever. It has the obligation to be a reader attentive and voracious, at the same time, always ready to evaluate materials, hone their intuition and be understanding of other cultures. Of course it is essential to have an absolute mastery of languages used, be very receptive, surround yourself with the necessary tools as the best encyclopedic dictionaries, for example-, deepening the knowledge of different communities, and, of course, being an extraordinary writer. Above all, a translator needs to be fully aware that the words have different meanings, according to the various uses and customs. As an intermediary that is, who is dedicated to this craft agrees to stand in the navel of the world.

Your preparation will be exhaustive, its immense commitment, and his work, will simply prove invaluable. Proof of this is that his work would endure in history as the masterful translations that have made possible the dissemination of the classics of the literature up to our days. If you are part of this select group of professionals, pause a moment to reflect on the role that you have chosen to play. Then assume their work with conviction requiring so many authors and readers in a world where communication is the key to existence. Fortunately there are people like you who is dedicated to the art of moving the words from a mindset to another. Readers will know thank you for your noble and uninterrupted contribution. Click here to learn about machine translation.

Chinese Civilization

In the delay to understand Chinese civilization and oriental wisdom is the danger of subjecting us to their political and economic powers, instead of opening us to a rich dialogue for all. Submissions nor impossible alliances between civilizations and cultures. The very essence of civilizations lies in its ability to host and delivered, sharing knowledge. We grew up in fear to Mao, such as threat and danger. But, as holding Poch-of-Feliu nowadays China, Mao was not a typical Chinese, but a visionary proactive who told the men that they could move mountains and taking Heaven by storm. He was aware of the enormous inertial force of the millennial Chinese tradition. The typical Chinese rulers are more realistic as Zhou En Lai or Deng Xiaoping, people, pragmatists and moderates they were not ignoring the strength of the art of governing Confucian. While in the West we decision the carnage to the crumble the gerontocracy of the party which ruled China, were weaving the warps to build a strong and prosperous country.

With white or black cats. If Lenin defined Russian communism as the power of the soviets, more electrification of the whole country, we could now say that Chinese communism is to build a strong and prosperous China in a great harmony. It is the Confucian ideal of social cohesion arising from a thriving economy and a stable society. Thus evolved the institutional strategy: in 2002 was the concept of creating a modestly well-off society; in 2004 introduced the scientific development; in 2005 it was stated the goal of building a harmonious society, according to the great intuitions of Taoism and Confucianism, as recognized by its Prime Minister: don’t have to imitate to the West. Lao Tse as the basis of our philosophy and Confucio as guidance in the Government for maintaining the system economic endowed with superior a rationality and a moral future, able to perform Confucian universal harmony. China is supported by the pressure of the need, but as says the researcher Niu Wenyuan, if China can make its own sustainable development, no country in the world can say that it is not capable of the same. Before us is the challenge not to fear the dragon but try to understand us. Jose Carlos Garcia Fajardo Professor Emeritus of the UCM.


The age of the absolutism. In: History of the Civilization Occidental person 43ed. So Paulo: Publishing company Globe, 2005. pp.425-451 vol.2. The first edition of ‘ ‘ history of the civilization ocidental’ ‘ of Burns it appeared in 1941.

Some times had been reviewed since then, the workmanship was remained as one of the texts most popular and widely used in colleges and university until today. Burns was one illustrates professor and a serious researcher, more pleasant and without I make rancio, faleceu in 1972. To characterize a historical moment, we must analyze incorporating it a context in fact. ‘ ‘ The Age of the Absolutismo’ ‘ to know: system where the authority of the governor is absolute (Dermival rivers, dictionary of the student. ed. Brazil s/a) did not run away the constatao. Author Edward Burns, approaches the filament historical that takes to the state absolutist.

‘ ‘ For the birth of the modern civilization; in the course of centuries XIV and XV the power of the medieval national monarchies had been gradually rank to the test for the uprisings of the end of the Mdia’ Age; ‘. Nelson Pilett – History and Integrated life – also approaches the absolutism with sequel of a behavior politician. ‘ ‘ with the disaggregation of the Roman Empire Occidental person, the kings exerted, mainly, military functions and politics. Without fulfilling activities administrative, the king had its powers limited for the action of the feudal nobility, that for being you of the land controlled in fact the power ‘ ‘ We can for thus dissertar that the end of the spalling of being able characterized the absolutism, regimen politician who defended the total power in the hand Dos Reis. Where it approached feudal King, Bourgeoisie and noblemen to the government control and that each one of this age moved for its proper interests; here it is the differential of the monarchy absolutist for the absolutism and or totalitarianism.