Window Construction

The first plastic window glass fiber reinforcements rather than cold sheath were made over 50 years ago. In the 1980s, the success story took its course and the material, plastic won more and more in importance. Today is every 2nd plastic Windows in Germany. To meet the increasing demands of heat protection, the frames were getting fatter and fatter, and increased the number of Chambers. The design remained the same but always.

An extruded PVC plastic profile is reinforced by an internal steel profile against distortion. Time, but realized that it would quickly confronted with the limits in heat protection with this construction. More Chambers brought not the required insulation values. Also depths were not aesthetically by over 100 mm, nor could they be used in the renovation sector. However, the solution was obvious. Such as in the aerospace and automotive engineering, the plastic profiles with glass fibres, or fibre webs are reinforced (Geneo, Energeto ).

The steel as essential cold bridge, can now eliminates the usual window and balcony door sizes. This significantly improves the insulation value of the window frame. Disc bonding with the wing, another innovation in window construction, proven for cars, ships and aircraft for decades, now even ensures a better static compared to conventional Windows with steel reinforcements. Plastic Windows, which have an excellent thermal insulation and statics and still have a relatively narrow view of the frame are the result. Yet in addition, these Windows are filled, so today Windows can be built, which insulation will be the benchmark for future generations of window. The window and door Studio Wintro ( in Ulm has interested in pattern and other information, in particular to the colour scheme. Wintro advised the client or renovators and receives also the professional installation in addition to the millimetre measurements. Alexander Lippert