Unknown Soldier

Since then, the poetry committed to the various swordsmen in local letters was persecuted. Poets repressed and gagged. The police often fear, with good manners is against seasoned criminal, dangerous and aggressive that has nothing to lose, but cargo loaded in Leon by decree, against the copy and creative citizen disagrees. a The highly original and peculiar Intifada Poetics taciturn flavor logroa not only sensitize the mayor about his lack of speech and of commitment to democracy but it responded to the brave and a clearly desproporcionada.a responded with unprecedented police action, to expel from the heart to the poets, battered and abused. Federico Mayor Zaragoza, former director of UNESCO, expressed solidarity through a document of unconditional support, with the peaceful and beautiful form of protest poets of Leon. Subsequently it has been established a municipal policy of repression, a curfew against art in the city.

Many poets have been affected as well, having brought the council an administrative complaint, which is threatened with exorbitant fines that will seize the accounts of creative and altruistic people that just have to survive, some with family. The affixing of posters to advertise events, to express dissatisfaction in full, what has been done so far during the years of Admittedly democracy.It is the courage of human beings as fighters, good and accurate as ever. Clearer I can not say. The rest, who are making the local rulers of Leon, cowardly and vile. We wanted to use poetry as a means of political awareness. And his answer is the roller and the senseless revenge. No exaggeration.

There are the newspaper. Hopefully a Leon reach important distinction, but it is a literary city through its people, its writers, not as a ploy by their rulers to hide their wrongdoing in relation to art and poetry. A to this nomination hidden, buried and plugs many stories that do not speak, as lack of local cultural groups have disappeared, including a children’s theater school did a great job. Or subsidize literature courses in exchange for political support, or facilitate the representation of plays by the municipality and people of other authors it is outlawed and corners. Lack encouragement to new authors is total. a The municipal commendable desire to pretend to belong to the Literary Cities Network should underpin not only the great masters of letters Leon, but in the daily evolution and with respect to such persons of all ages that make up a poeticau ecantera that try every day to be cool and make the art of writing a means of knowledge and transformation of social reality that surrounds them. Leon councilors should think that culture is also done in the full, cook among the noble people, and he models the peculiar idiosyncrasies of a city. Therefore, it would not hurt, knowing how difficult it is for native pronounce forgiveness, remove administrative complaints and apologize. Finishing, ultimately, with that contempt in this sad year of economic crisis and human values. a Juan Carlos Yago Yago, cosmochaman, cosmopolitan visionary, whose ancient book “Balcony of babbling” (with two out of print) was reissued in 2010 revised and expanded revulsive shamanic prophecies, has worked as a journalist. Until today, “Unknown Soldier”, as you were qualified, Juan Carlos YAGO use all the means of communication to enable and that you have to convince mankind that another world is possible as long as a single human being to anyone unjustly should feel satisfied.