Trust Life And Life Ensures You

Gateways to happiness – a spiritual tale of the growth of the heart – a novel which frees the soul. This is just like a message from the new spiritual novel of the Graz authors. Georg K. Pousek. Doorways to the happiness a spiritual tale of the growth of the heart a novel which frees the soul.

Trust life and life gives you”what a nice idea, especially in times like these. In times of upheaval, it is important for us to have a break point in life. “In the spiritual tale doorways to the happiness” the hero of the book is that we can rely on the life. Because life does nothing but to create the perfect circumstances for us constantly, even closer to us. This applies not only to the character in the book, this also applies to all of us. And also we can learn to trust in life. How the reader and the reader in the book. A book that contains so many insights for us that it pays to read often.

This spiritual book is a different than many other it is History full of wonders and is flooded with love, the force has its own way to go further. Even if, to want to change, this fairy tale is a multifaceted Companion. It contains many insights for us and helps us to go our own way. It’s a tale that deeply touched and heals the soul. It is a story to read just fine doing. “About the book: gateways to happiness” is a beautiful, spiritual tale that tells the story of a people, of looking after himself moves. He is a man who represents the image of many modern people with his dissatisfaction and the emptiness in his life. One day take him far away from his usual cars living in a strange situation, and it presents the most important decision of his life: the chance to change his life and to achieve what he has long wished in his heart: love, happiness, satisfaction and ease. Our hero decides to seek his fortune. He breaks out of the usual routine of his life and make the happiness on his doorway. Brave, he follows this path by an amazing country and turns bold all the experiences and tests that meet him here. He learns to come with his past in the pure, separates itself from outdated values starts to stand by itself and opens his heart, life and love. His journey is so beneficial, liberating and amazing how he it is never would have dreamed of. We readers must accompany him on this path and while reading even find a piece closer to us. Our unconscious is often only to be thankful the findings contained in this parable? So also the reader somewhere else arrives, than that which he has started. Softcover: 248 pages, 15.32 (A), 14.9 (D) Publisher: books on demand. Edition: 1 (June 25, 2012) language: German, ISBN-13: 978-3848201891 available in the bookstore of Avalon ( in Graz or the online bookstores