Trends In Makeup 07

The trend in makeup during this fall/winter season brings well laden eyes. Shaded with mostly blue tones, metalized, grayscale and obviously the inevitable black. Returns the smokey eyes. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Fix Price on most websites. The skin looks light, almost naked, and clear.The blush well lies in what we call manzanita (proba with smile and notice it clearly). In a circular motion, not as backward as was placed in other seasons.Tones are in the range of roses.For the lips, back the passion red, Burgundy and throughout its range. In argentina are accustomed to balance areas of the I rosto, this means that if we use the eyes with a strong makeup, lips will be less ornate, with very soft tones, or simply shine.

And vice versa, if we use a well red mouth, the eyes will go with a softer makeup.This is not a rule, under my point of view, beauty makeup, must look beautiful. Beyond of fashion.And above all, is important to makeup to go with the personality of his would use or. If we extend the picture and look at fashion in apparel, we’ll realize that we are facing a revival of the 1980s and if, as say the grandmothers.