The Different Types Of Floor Construction

The floor is a more popular item of equipment and is more often found in houses or in apartments. But as with other furniture also exist for this type of floor covering many species. Thus, for example, the solid one type of parquet. In general the solid pieces of solid wood and can be divided into several design types. The first of these embodiments is that solid to move raw. Then this is raw parquet floor laid with a grinder sanded off in several grinding passes.

Then follows the surface. This can be done with parquet, floor with oil or wax. But even for the solid are still some subtypes. One of these subtypes is the parquet. This usually consists of individual pieces of wood (called bars). Characteristic of these pieces of wood is a circumferential groove which is milled into the sides.

This is then used to that one described as a spring strip of wood inserted into this groove and Sun will produce the interconnection between the boards. The parquet is usually the classic form of the floor and is often referred to as nail floor, since it is nailed to the supporting wooden sub floor. Even the mosaic floor (which is often referred to as 8-mm-solid) is another subspecies of the solid. It generally consists of smaller and thinner especially wood slats that have a thickness of 8mm (hence the name). Once these were then glued to a network, the floor is sanded. Subsequently, the surface is painted or oiled or treated with wax. Also the lam-parquets and are other subspecies of solid hardwood. In addition to the solid there are also other types of stalls. These include parquet flooring, the solid floor panel parquet.