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A New Stage Tells Us Tarot Chuck

When a person comes to the tarot Chuck, generally you do because this going through a difficult situation, need answers and definitions in those moments of life that seems all doors are closed. The six of swords is one of arcana that is not always well played, despite the fact that it has a positive message. Sometimes there is only one way to solve the setbacks of life and is go, get away from everything and start again.It may not be the solution that we all want, but would not be the first time that after an exile, a person has the possibility of turning leaf and begin a new chapter in his life. While it seems to respond to a cowardly attitude, there are opportunities where it is best to stay away from situations problems, in pursuit of a greater mental clarity. It is well known that a person cannot see clearly or anything that has too far, nor anything that has too close. It is necessary therefore, find a location optimally, and this is the message that the six of swords we send.

Necessary therefore, charting a new course that leads us to a greater happiness. The mental clarity which earns to leave behind problems, leads to the benefit that the person has learned from the experience, and surely in this new situation, may act in a radically different way, avoiding the bad times, because it has grown as a human being. If we look good at illustration, not shows us a person in solitary fleeing, but someone who carries with him his family, his well prized ms. It is only when the affected basic are preserved and elemental that it may aspire to a second chance in life, because only thus will have the strength necessary to cope with adversities. The figure is very curious, since it presents a background of turbulent waters and ahead waters very calm, what us this indicating that at the end we will find the peace we are looking for. Swords in the boat demonstrates the power of rational mind over the heart and intuition. While, when exit this Arcanum revealed in the circulation of the tarot there is an aura of depression and sadness, we can save the promise of future happiness, despite the losses that has touched us face.