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Company Mobile Platform

Apple seems unstoppable, but Google (neither more nor less) is located in front of him. When they enter into open war? Nobody knows, although the front battle seems inevitable, since Google announced in the summer that he bought Motorola. The picture is complex. On the other hand, Apple against Samsung complaints show us that the unflappable Apple also gets nervous before the competition. To make matters worse, we cannot forget that things change very fast, what today is up, you can soon be down: all are witnessing the slow decline of RIM and its Blackberry s, and we can not forget that Nokia, and its Symbian had the best market share in 2009 (47%), compared to poor current 20%. To make matters worse, Microsoft has added to Board their Windows Phone, thanks to its alliance with Nokia. What we have to do, choosing platform, perhaps ask ourselves what we are giving up in each one of the possible choices. Is which, then, the more convenient? The best thing in these cases is for advice on your particular case with some good company of barcelona computer maintenance or IT consulting but undoubtedly missing not the brave who dare to take risks..