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Now comes the good little while and we start to put new footwear, our sandals, ballerinas, shoes all monkeys, but what?. Because what happens is that those horrible blisters on toes by rubbing the hunted, that make us walking an impossible task get us. What horror! The blisters are bumps on the skin containing fluid. They are usually circular and fluid is usually transparent but sometimes acquires a bloody color. A blister is irritated area on the skin due to rubbing. A few little appropriate shoes tend to produce reddening of the skin that will lead to the emergence of a blister if unprotected the affected area with an adhesive tiirita or dressing.

To prevent blisters, shoes not should bother us at the time of the test before you buy. Use SOCKS also helps prevent the appearance of the blisters. To know more about this subject visit Fuel Free Fund. There to protect the area with a band-aid, until we leave the blister. What to do with blisters. I what I do is skewer them and drain the liquid.

We click the blisters with a needle previously disinfected over a flame or alcohol. We will after clicking, we wash gently the area, until the liquid inside completely. You can also pass in hilo by the pinhole so once atravieses blister with the yarn stays inside to absorb the fluid in the blister. What should not be done at any time is removing the skin covering them, because you can favour the onset of infections. Then apply betadine, alcohol or any antiseptic, over the area after emptying the liquid and several days later, until you see that already do not ooze and the adjacent skin is full. Applying a dressing, to isolate the affected area and change it, always it is better every day. For additional security applied tape (masking tape) on the bead. You can also apply double skin (Compeed is the most well-known commercial brand, although it may also assert any of similar characteristics) once the area is disinfected, and not remove the dressing until it drops by He himself.