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Financial Crisis Legal Advice

The situation, when you need to reduce staffing (number of) employees, can occur in any company, regardless of the type of activity, ownership and size of the share capital. The causes and reasons for the reduction varied, the reduction may be due to lack of funding, restructuring the organization, changing the internal structure of the company (liquidation title, department). For more clarity and thought, follow up with The EU and gain more knowledge.. At the moment the Russian economy collapsed financial crisis. Many companies fall into his net, and looking for a way out. The decrease in wages, the abolition of bonuses, unpaid leave and reduction of workers are ways to minimize the costs of companies. Leading experts agree that the global financial crisis, the reduction of employees can take massive. According to official figures, only the beginning of this year, the number of officially registered unemployed in Moscow doubled. It is forecasted that in 2009 the number of people who lost their jobs, will grow.

Without a doubt, the reduction procedure is complex and often without legal assistance is necessary. Our objective in this report to consider a number of issues related to the reduction of workers, and give practical advice for those who reduce the threat became real. What is retrenchment? What is the procedure reduction? What rights do employees were laid off? Who is eligible to narrow the "I" or "colleague"? How to behave to those who guide informed about planned reduction? How to pay compensation Reduced employer to employees? What if the employer makes to leave on their own? How to behave to those who still retained the workplace? These are the questions we will respond with the position of law and common sense.