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ZGMn Crushing

As we all know, the important role of linear are: 1. enhance the medium grinding the ball y parrafo 2, play the role of abrasive, 3, protect the grinding cylinder. When we choosing linear, the main consideration is to enhance the role of the grinding media, the average trajectory. The accessories which make linear are mainly: chrome molybdenum alloy steel, alloy steel, high chrome cast iron, manganese steel, rubber, polyurethane, etc. The shape are convex edge, corrugated, angular spiral, and so on.

When the crushing is the main factors need consider, we exigir linear s grinding body is strong, elected at the same time the lining should have good shock resistance, high manganese steel ZGMn13 sufficient impact toughness, but not wear and easy to deform, and now Most have switched to dual-medium quenching process in alloy steel or chrome molybdenum alloy steel liner. Comparing to several wear-resistant materials to the process of double quenching medium alloy steel the best performance and longest life, the major domestic manufacturers are: Zhangjiagang Hanson of the Zhumadian force wins, the superiority in the large and medium-sized mill is more evident and the price ratio is the highest. After discharging non-debris pipes, due to the spring-damper is large, spring can only move back the cone slowly towards to the original location, for avoiding the impact and reducing the wear of the linear. When the non-broken materials go through the crushing chamber, the deformation of the annular spring is the following situations: the upper curve is the crushing force curve, corresponding to the above the curve is the spring with the breaking force change. The most problem this result can tell is that when the breaking force decreased, the corresponding deformation of the spring is indeed a period of horizontal, due to this damping spring, to avoid the sense of shock and reduces wear liner.

The main parameters of the gyratory crusher structure parameters and performance parameters are. Structural parameters includes the size of the discharge opening, the nip angle, crushing chamber height, dynamic cone travel, dynamic cone bottom diameter and eccentricity of the precession angle of the moving cone suspension height of the performance parameters of the number of moving cone swing, productivity (production capacity), force, weight and power as well as breaking machines. From a structural point of view, this crusher has some innovative features: the general cone crusher machine safety device and the discharge opening width adjustment device located in a fixed cone support ring safety device is a cylindrical spring, while the Cary The safety device of the bar off the crusher and the discharge opening adjustment device located on a spherical support, which use a circular spring. The annular spring is a characteristic of large damping. When the non-broken material falling into the crushing chamber, the moving cone is forced down, the spring will deformed at the presence of strong pressure.

Music Industry

The mariachi music is a vibrant, animated and popular tradition. Their roots go back to the regions of the southwest of Mexico. The typical sound of the Mariachi is created by a series of different instruments. The majority of sets of Mariachi has several violins, one or several trompetas, and at least three types of mariachi guitars: a classic guitar, guitarrn (great guitar under hearing aid) and one vihuela (of five cords, rythmical guitar of high tone). The Mariachis have become an emblem of Mexican pride by means of the incorporation of regional forms of song of all the regions of Mexico. Although new music does not include much to the Mariachis, the mariachi groups frequently are contracted to act in social events to give serenades.

The original film (the Mariachi, 1992) was filmed with a small budget, but their two sequels (Desperado and rase once in Mexico) were produced by Columbia Pictures with the co-participation of some of great stars of Hollywood. Mariachi is interpreted by Antonio Flags, and the list includes Salma Hayek, Johnny Depp, Willem Dafoe, Eva Mendes, Mickey Rourke and Cheech Marin. ” It is not country for viejos” , of Joel and Ethan Cohen it was a winning film of an Oscar in 2007. In that film, the protagonist Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) after a shooting is seriously wounded in a Mexican border city, and is taken to the hospital by a group of mariachis. This new exhibition in popular means must increase brings back to consciousness of the Mariachi in the EE.UU and takes to an increasing popularity of the mariachi and other types of Mexican music. The Mariachi continues being very popular in all Mexico and the United States. In the EE.UU., the mariachi is more frequent in those cities with greater concentration of population Mexico-American like Los Angeles, San Diego, Cut with a scythe.

Worth, San Antonio, Denver, Seattle, Chicago, Phoenix, Santa Fe, New York and San Francisco. The professional groups of Mariachi are contracted to touch in the special meetings, and also they are coveted to do appearances in films and recordings of popular singers, and also are very popular to give a serenade with mariachi in the special dates like the birthdays. According to the Office of the Census of the EE.UU, the Hispanics they are I generate ethnic of greater growth in the American population, and half of the Hispanic-Americans almost is of Mexican origin. With this fast increase of the population Mexican-American, also it must have a greater demand of the groups of Mariachi and for the guitars of mariachi. Juan White Camilo What is a mariachi?