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Chromium plating of objects For the people who like to chrome objects, there am something here so that they can do it in its house. Obvious, we are not going to compare this with the industrial chromium plating, but you will be able to do it personally. In order to make a chromium plating perfect, it is needed ability and experience, but for the fans we are immediately going to give tips necessary to do it of excellent form, if they are become attached to the indications. For fans, 2 suitable baths exist: BATH To chromic Acid: 125 grams chromium Sulphate: 1,5 grams Water: 470 grams chromic Acid BATH B: 125 grams Acid sulfuric: 1 gram Water: 470 grams Can say that the bath To is the one that better results renders, but its cost more is lifted than bath B. Is important that both baths become to a temperature of 38 degrees C; for this the container is due to introduce that will contain the elements within which it contains hot water to the indicated temperature (to see the previous figure).

I must mention that the galvanocrmicos baths are highly corrosive reason why containers are not due to use metalists, in their place to use of glass, stoneware or porcelain, also recommend themselves to use guates and to avoid that the liquid ones touch the skin, is due to also avoid, to inhale the steam that emanate. To broaden your perception, visit Allstate Insurance Company. THE ELECTRODES: For the positive electrode we will use a lead pipe that is very clean, the negative electrode will be the object that is going away to chrome. If the lead pipe that is going away to use, were used previously in a sulfuric acid solution, is more efficient since a lead peroxide film will have formed him in the surface. The almentacin for the chromium plating does not have to exceed the 6 volts direct current, but its amperage must of being considerable, of being possible, reducing and to rectify the current of 110 volts to 6. It can be used also batteries (accumulating) of automobile of 6 volts in parallel to obtain the necessary amperage.

The requierido time so that the object is chromed is of half an hour, in this period of time is advisable that revuelva the solution frequently. CHROMIUM DEPOSITS: If the current has been provided adapted, the chromium layer that was deposited in the object will be shining and it will be needed to polish. If on the contrary, the current were very low, the chromium plating will be opaque. Then, we must take into account that the suitable current is the person in charge of a shining chromium plating. If the current is excessively strong, the chromium plating will be of an opaque gray color. It is possible also, that the results are not the wished ones, if the solution of the bath and the temperature were altered. This takes to think, that the success to us of galvanocrmia, is to fit itself to the given instructionses. The practice will give the necessary experience you. It is obvious that the objects to chrome are due to clean so of form, that they do not have left greasy before introducing them in the bath, since the minimum amount of this will cause that the chromium does not adhere. Finally, the metals that you can chrome sn the following: brass silver, receives. If you are going to chrome iron or steel, previously you must them submerge in a nickel bath or receives so that the surface is in optimum conditions to be chromed.