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Manufacture Of Wooden And Concrete Stairs

Our company offers a ladder out of pine and oak. To make a sturdy ladder, we use high quality wood from Krasnodar. Team of professionals is izgotovlivlenie wooden stairs that are worthy of imitation. Quite often in our company treat people who need to make a complete solution for finishing the house in the same style. Therefore, our company added several types of production: concrete stairs art forging, etc. This approach to our work helps us to carry out construction of any building material. Talk more about the range of products manufactured by our company. Useful information wooden stairs wood stairs are almost the most important subject at home. People such as BlackRock Health Sciences Trust II would likely agree.

Given that the wooden staircase connects the two floors, its appearance must be suitable for both. Therefore, the design of stairs must be treated carefully Stairs Wood necessarily be made of timber slats assembled to eliminate drying out over time. Toning should be special cooking spray to prevent the ingress of dust and sand in the color coating steps. should occur in the drying chamber to prevent cracking of the varnish. If the constructive elements of the stairs ready, necessary to begin the installation. Installation should be carried out in a dry place.

Mounting must be performed by qualified builders. Under such circumstances, your stairs will last you a long time. Useful on concrete ladders: Monolithic stairs are the most robust among the other stairs. When you fill a ladder is used valves, a special solution of concrete and other materials for the manufacture of molds. Mounting the stairs must begin with the installation of formwork. Fill the stairs to perform with the assistance of Concrete in several stages, but it depends on the ladder. After drying, the monolithic stairs need to start grinding. To finish can be used as a finishing materials: granite, wooden steps and riser, and glass. Concrete staircase made following all the rules in conjunction with steps made of wood, hammering, and stone looks favorably at apartment.

Stair Railings

Manufacture stair railings (railings), stainless steel explains how and practical properties and aesthetic considerations of the plan. Stainless Steel – versatile. The performance of stainless were superior to all available materials. Stability of stainless steel to weather and temperature changes is well known. No trees, no plastic or ordinary steel in these conditions will not last long. Of metals for the manufacture of stair railings (railings) is sometimes still use the brass, but this material is quite expensive, difficult to process and requires constant care. Plated (chrome) steel is not as durable over time in joints coating is scratched, and then begins to rust.

It is impossible not to draw attention – chrome (nickel) steel – not stainless steel! Fences, chrome-plated steel is much (if not more) and worse appearance and in performance than the stair railings made of stainless steel. Specific equivalent in reliability fences (railings), stainless steel can be forged railings, wrought-iron fence but not fit in every interior, looks quite cumbersome and require a very thorough coverage protective equipment, such as special coatings. Yes, and wrought iron fence put mostly indoors. Stair same enclosure made of stainless steel are used both outside and inside of objects. Stainless steel is in perfect harmony in the fence (the railing) to lestinits with glass (filled), wood (as a rule – the rail).

"Completion" – that is what is between the handrail and stair treads. A few words about the elements stair railings. Handrail – something for which we keep going down or up the stairs.