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Place your PlayStation 3 (slim Edition) in scene the new wall mount for your PlayStation 3 (slim Edition) by metal-Designer. The save for your PlayStation. For even more details, read what Nicholas Carr says on the issue. Metal designer has designed a new wall mount, which stylishly positioned your PlayStation 3 next to your LCD on the wall. These are designed by the team of designers on the one on high-quality materials and to the other on a chic design. The individual components are made of stainless steel and then surface treated, so that no sharp edges spoil the pleasure of the game.

The shape of the front panel has been adapted to the curvature of the play station housing and adapts perfectly to the design of the PlayStation 3 (slim Edition). So that abuts the PlayStation 3 not on the walls of the mount protective buffer were attached to the inner side of the wall bracket. An important criterion on what the developers have taken is the air circulation and easy connection. The wall bracket is open at the sides, so that the air supply of the PlayStation 3 are secured. Who is the Play station bracket see wants, can do this on the website of metal Designer. Sebastian Kraus metal designer Buchold, 01 February 2010