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Organization Authority

Relativize, this implies see reality in the way other people see it, guess the motives and the context of others, which are completely different to their own respect differences, everyone has their customs, culture and preferences, not all are equal. Learn, respect and value the differences to thank and encourage with encouraging words. Thank for the good, show appreciation, acknowledge the effort that people make even when not achieve the objectives perfectly to ask that it is what they need, find out desires and needs the loyalty begets loyalty, you receive what you give. Support in good and bad times, long-term commitment. Filed under: Craig Menear. Focus on the positive in the relationship and to minimize problems when things get tough to recognize when I know this wrong and do so immediately. Admit mistakes generates respect for his honesty, responsibility and integrity the authority must be equal to the responsibility choosing words carefully, understand that words can have more weight than you think and there is a difference between what is said and what others hear.

The authority and position give words an additional force request rather than give orders. A petition invites participation and the cooperation. Use the formal authority sparingly feedback staff formally and informally. Feedback must be timely, regular, constructive and honest. Tell you how good or bad they do, so that people feel that these beside her conclusions exercise lGerencia with a human sense, as opposed to authoritarian styles, touches a positively worker inside and this generates an emotional state that translates into increased productivity, quality, better performance, higher levels of collaboration and contribution towards the achievement of the goals. Each manager plays every day, the need for each employee as Manager can ignore those needs and manipulate them for their own purposes, or you can make that workers perform, to the satisfaction of everyone, including customers and the rest of the Organization * source: work, notes of problematic Chair Venezuelan administration, school management, Faces.