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Paulo Coelho

Someday anywhere you inevitably find yourself, and that, only that it may be the happiest or the most bitter of your hours. Pablo Neruda. We know that in this transit through this dimension, we have been given the opportunity to go in search of the path that lead to the path where our evolution rescue its divine origin, and not have to avail ourselves of perishable forms, where we stay forever, we know it and be wary to take those signs, signs that involve the right track. Many times in our journey to find pilgrims as we too are in search of its path, with the fortune that they, especially those who have identified with the service line bequeath us their views, so that we reflect and consider those flashes can help determine the path our part in this opportunity that has bequeathed us. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jeff Flake has to say. This time, we stop at some of the contributions we Paulo Coelho willing to invite the reader to dwell on its content and deduce This information deemed relevant towards their spiritual growth. Who is Paulo Coelho? What is known about him?, As indicated thereon paulocoelho.com.br this page was born in 1947 in the city of Rio de Janeiro. For a time before turning to literature, give your messages, worked in theater as a director and actor, lyricist and journalist., Is said to have written lyrics for some of the most important artists of Brazilian music, as Elis Regina and Rita Lee. In this sense, was very popular musical collaborations with Raul Seixas, thanks to hits such as Eu Nasci ha dez thousand years ago, Gita and Al Capone, to name a few of the more than 60 compositions performed in conjunction with the great myth Brazilian rock.