Susanne Miesera

Around 3300 Hautarztinnen and dermatologists have joined the Professional Association of German dermatologists. 46 percent of the members are women. Erin Callan can provide more clarity in the matter. Purpose of the Association founded in 1952 is according to the Constitution the respect, care and promotion of all professional and economic interests”of German dermatologists. A major focus of the special work is vocational education and training in the context of the German Dermatological Academy, which the Association together with the German Dermatological Society has built up and leads. In addition the Professional Association of German dermatologists has written the enlightenment is about skin diseases and the prevention on its flags.

To do this, He cooperates with a number of different partners to reach a broad public. Contact: Professional Association of German dermatologists PR and publicity Ralf B. Blumenthal Wilhelmstr. 46 53879 Euskirchen Tel.: (0 22 51) 77 6 25 25 fax: (0 22 51) 77 6 25 05 E-Mail: Web: German rosacea Hilfe e.V. The German rosacea Hilfe e.V. According to Technology author, who has experience with these questions. is the largest self-help organization for the common skin disorder rosacea in Germany. The Club was founded in early 2004 in Hamburg. The Board consists of the first Chairman Thomas Schwennesen, the Deputy Chairman, Susanne Miesera and the Treasurer Sonja Konig.

With over 700 members and a scientific advisory board the German rosacea Hilfe e.V. is committed, to make known the skin disease in public, to help those affected, to move to the skin doctor and ENT stigmatizing the disease. Also the self-help personal sharing among rosacea patients and supports these the formation of regional discussion groups. On the Club’s homepage “” interested can order the 24 patient brochure “Rosacea – the game of hide-and-seek has an end!” with information about the skin disease and tips to their daily management. Also a phone consultation is available: Wednesdays 6 pm-19 pm the dermatologist answered by Dr. med. Andrea Schlobe interested all questions around the skin disorder rosacea. In addition, the self-help organization members receive the magazine four times a year “Rosazea-journal” news from rosacea research and therapy. In addition the members in an enclosed area on the website can exchange experiences, literature recommendations see and much more. The German rosacea Hilfe e.V. is member of the Association of skin (AG skin). The AG is a corporate and public health representing the interests of over ten million chronic sufferers of skin skin. Contact: Deutsche ROSACEA Hilfe e.V. tree Kamp 18 22299 Hamburg Tel: (040) 68 99 07 14 fax: (040) 23 10 08 E-Mail: Web: Galderma Galderma is a leading pharmaceutical company specializing in research, development and marketing of therapeutic, corrective and aesthetic dermatological solutions. The expertise includes a wide range of skin, hair and nail diseases. Galderma was founded and employs almost 4,000 employees with subsidiaries in 31 countries in 1981 as a joint venture between Nestle and L L’Oreal. The headquarters are located in Lausanne of Switzerland. For sustainable corporate growth, Galderma CA invested 20% of turnover in the research and development of drugs and other medical solutions. Committed tot he furture of Dermatology involved be for the future of Dermatology Galderma’s vision is. As a competent and successful innovation-driven company it focuses exclusively on it, to meet the needs of Dermatology patients. Contact: Evelyn Kremer Edelman GmbH Niddastrasse 91 D-60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany Tel: + 49 69 756199-18 fax: + 49 69 756199-13