Stickles: Seasonal Decorations With Stickers

Glitter, metallic effect foil and Stickles with the combination of simple, affordable craft articles and an old vase or a cheap lamp, can conjure up great decorations for every season or unusual gifts for friends and family. Working with stickers, Stickles etc is quite simple and in the hand turn a great decoration for the fall has become a cheap lamp. And so just go: the sticker on a slide (E.g. Crea pop lamp foil or foil pinwheel) glue and fill in the fields in the desired color with Stickles. After drying the stickers along the contour generously cut, so that remains a small edge.

Fasten the suspension in the edge now with wire or with needle and thread. The stickers can be stuck directly to vases or lamps. Edit then the motifs with Stickles painted as usual and after drying varnish. Our example shows a cheap lamp for 4 euros, which was decorated in the described way autumnal (in combination with rub ons). Fast and preiswete manner to make even his own wall tattoos.Sure, many hobbyists have even template sheets out the window color Zeit.In our example there are maritime motifs.

Loading the Ribbon on your chosen subject and the contours (as in our example) with foil adhesive onto the foil. After drying of the adhesive, the metallic foil press down.Now the desired colors bring up and again let it dry with Stickles. The motif on the contours along cut and attach adhesive with an adhesive strip or doppelseitiger. Enjoy refinishing wishes – your hobby farm team (Torsten Hartwigsen)