Spirulina And AFA Algae: Algae As Food

imedo informed healthy algae as food healthy foods are some algae. The Internet health portal imedo.de information about Spirulina and the AFA algae. Spirulina in addition to the wide range of nutrients has an outstanding feature also the spirulina algae. Certain substances are in the human body conducive on the Endonucleasen, the enzymes that repair our DNA/RNA. Spirulina effectively supports the complete preservation of the function of each individual cell and can even help prevent the degeneration of cells, as is the case with cancer. Since Spirulina can absorb substances from the water well is even more common than other algae with additional nutrients enriched. It includes then – actually dissimilar – special minerals or selenium, which eliminates the need for additional supplements in some cases. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from UBS Wealth Management. On an energetic level, a grounded and body-strengthening effect is said to her.

AFA algae AFA algae nutrient supply is certainly the widest and highest ever, accompanied by the pleasant fact that she don’t is, heated such as Chlorella and Spirulina, getting rid of harmful bacteria. The Klamath Lake is clean and their nutrients remain intact. All algae the AFA algae also contains most proteins and germanium, a material that is like beta-carotene as a high quality antioxidant and stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands with 68 percent. It has more polyunsaturated fatty acids than fish oil and contains enzymes 2000. AFA algae binds heavy metals in the body, experts explain the AFA algae have the ability, heavy metals from specifically reject from the brain. Consequently, a strong effect on our emotional well being and our concentration attributed to her.

It makes lighter thoughts”energetic, enables deeper meditation and reduces our need for sleep. The liver-damaging microcystin, which recently was found in Algenmischpraparaten contained the AFA-algae, was found not proven the AFA algae but in the other ingredients of the preparation. What algae for whom? In all these various priorities, it suggests that we particularly need a seaweed at certain times and for special purposes, where also a mixture is possible. Which algae strain at which dosage for us specifically or for the supportive effect of our body is right, it clarifies the best with a Naturopath or nutritionist. The healthy effect of seaweed about more in the imedo health news. You will receive information about other healthy algae in the imedo health news.