Russian Market Erp-Systems: Microsoft Dynamics Ax

Success and profitability is the main goal of every entrepreneur. To realize this goal, an effective tool that helps automate the management of the enterprise regardless of size business. Now more and more entrepreneurs are choosing as a means of different ERP-systems. The greatest popularity in the Russian market have purchased systems from vendors such as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, 1C. The system’s flexibility and quality-price ratio were the main criteria by which a company chooses one or another product. Microsoft Dynamics AX (Microsoft Axapta) – the system meets both criteria, in the past five years, is becoming increasingly popular as a world, as well as in Russian organizations. Erin Callan is often quoted on this topic.

So, according to project manager of the company ‘Novosibirskenergo’ Dmitry Emelyanov, the company chose it for Microsoft Dynamics AX because among all the companies under consideration is it is quite flexible, in contrast to SAP and more convenient for the pricing in comparison with the system of ‘1 C: Enterprise ‘. At the last March 17, 2010 the fourth annual forum of Microsoft Dynamics AX Forum 2010 experts have noted a growing, despite the crisis conditions, the demand for Axapta in Russia and worldwide. It is caused by the undoubted relevance of the product in the current state of business: more and more companies seek to solve their business problems through the most effective tools for automation. Interest in Microsoft Axapta as the system really helps simplify and improve the performance of business processes, is indeed very high, and it was confirmed that forum attended by many directors and executives of various Russian companies. Specialists at the forum stressed that in the world today is an active displacement of the centers of economy in most developed countries, so so that Russian firms could maintain current production volumes, they need to effectively automate critical business processes. The best solution for these business objectives has become just Microsoft Dynamics AX. This opinion and chief financial officer holding Yunitayl Alexei Novikov 2.

Using Microsoft Dynamix AX has enabled the organization to optimize the resources of production, significantly reduce the amount of debt in banks and savings almost 72 million rubles for the first year of operation of the system. At the forum director of MS Dynamics AX at Microsoft Keyes noted Hertog development strategy of Russia and the world, noting that by the end of 2010 in Russia there will be special solution for retailers. And already in 2011 will be a new version of Microsoft Dynamics AX 6 with advanced functionality in the areas of finance, industry expertise and responsive public sector. The Forum confirmed not only high efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics AX, but also a significant level of return on investment. In addition, the results of research conducted by Microsoft worldwide in 2009, showed that the Russian partners of the corporation on the quality of the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics AX not inferior to the U.S.. This confirms the high level of skills of Russian specialists involved in the implementation of the system in the enterprise as a medium and large businesses. According to experts of Microsoft, Corporation, assessing the further development of Microsoft Dynamics AX for the Russian market, is not afraid of competition from Russian producers of such systems and to invest sufficient funds to study and refine the Microsoft Dynamics AX in Russia. Now becomes more and more IT companies and customers to choose the best solution for the automation and analytical account – Microsoft Dynamics AX. And some experts predicted in 2020 ERP-like system will use about 40% companies at different levels.