Professional Services Technical Translation

Under the "technical translation" is usually taken to provide the following translation services: – Translation of technical texts (standards, regulations and other normative and technical documentation) in Russian; Average the speed of technological transfer is 5 – 6 pages per one working day. As a rule, normative and technical documentation is provided to transfer large volumes (tens and even hundreds of pages). At the same time time for translation is usually small (two to three weeks, sometimes – per month). To accelerate technological transfer large volumes of documents involved in the work group of translators, which significantly reduces lead time. That crushing technical text for translation has not led to a difference in terminology and style and, consequently, to a deterioration in the quality of the translation, most often in work use Translation Memory (translation memory, made our translators) – previously translated matching fragments are replaced automatically.

This greatly reduces the time and cost of typical documents translated, and also helps ensure the unity of the technical terminology. – Revision received the Russian-language text of a specialist industry in which the document refers to either the editor, as well as the design of technical translation performed in accordance with the original (with make-up pictures, preparation of drawings, tables and so on.) The main objective of experts in the field of technical translation – the most accurate transmission of the professional terms. Their correct interpretation requires an absolute understanding of the content of the text. In this case, the use of a dictionary is not a panacea: the translator, who has a liberal education, receives a number of options with only right, determined from the context, which sometimes it is not easy, if we take into account the multiple meanings of technical terms in English. When translation makes the technician, he is able to fully understand what is written, but there is another problem: bad language, and perhaps even Russian – technical education does not imply ownership style. The best option, successfully used by most professionals – advice translator a specialist in the industry to which this document. – Oral technical translation. An example of an oral technical translation can serve as a support of foreign service engineer at start-up equipment commissioning and training.