Photovoltaic Systems

Essen fire safety service EBS informed numerous roofs now produce photovoltaic solar power and there are more every year. The consistently positive from the perspective of environmental protection development brings however own risks that private facility owners are often not known. The risky underbelly of solar electricity on the domestic roof is only evident in the event of a fire. The strength of a photovoltaic system, see sunlight to generate electricity, is a dangerous weakness, if it does not stop in the event of a fire, to do it. By itself the photovoltaic power generation in the daylight will not be stopped. So that she can be turned off in case of danger, special technical precautions must be taken, information about which the Essen fire service EBS bear.

Load breaker must have a load breaker in the power inverter for photovoltaic plants whose commissioning took place, since the beginning of 2006. Gain insight and clarity with Mike Madden. By default it is installed in the inverter or on the DC side. Through the The power between inverter and power count box can be turned off load disconnector. In practical use, this minimal solution is less safe for the fire fighters than they should. The inverter of photovoltaic systems are attached mostly in the basement, so even when their activation still is tension between him and the photovoltaic system on the roof.

In the event of an emergency, this solution can lead to the exposure of firefighters. Isolating load switch on the PV module the threat situation is restricted significantly more by photovoltaic systems, if the load switch is installed as close as possible to the photovoltaic system. After his activity is a threat only to areas that are in the immediate vicinity of the plant, so fires inside the building without additional Erschwernnis can be executed. Individual photovoltaic modules of voltage it burns in the attic, is of little help also a disconnect switch near the photovoltaic system. The electricity production within the system is not brought by him to a standstill, which is why an entering of the roof for the firefighters can have life-threatening consequences. Here help expensive but effective protection systems, which are able to short-circuit individual modules of the photovoltaic system or even the entire system until the emergency has been dealt with. Short-circuited photovoltaic modules are free of voltage and can safely enter or be eliminated. Retrofitting with this safety technology is very expensive. The individual modules must be disabled for this first otherwise, so that the mechanic can safely perform his duties. So as to endanger the forces during a fire fall as little as possible, the owner of photovoltaic systems should necessarily take all feasible precautions. Essen fire safety to assist it service EBS here with advice and assistance.