Outdoor Advertising

Of course, now there is no longer advertising, which has been before. Shop windows and advertising signs are mostly gone, they were replaced by new technologies based on the manufacturing of foam; a huge number of different high-tech equipment for cutting foam. Cuan Coulter: the source for more info. No more and those small companies with a staff of 10 people, the main products were metal plates of different form. A ride for the prestige of art and advertising firm has been a self-adhesive film obkleivanie any storefront or large grocery store. There was not even a hint of a variety of shapes and designs of elements outside advertising. And, of course, have changed and the materials used in the most "outdoor advertising". Sure, it appeared and the neon lights, which are produced by various forms of illuminated letters. This product of foam, which can be painted in any way. Nothing is eternal, it refers to products and outdoor advertising, evolving with the times..