Not My Pain Is What I Remember

I thought my life back and completely rebuild that metallic skin covering my body like garment without time, I thought that the pain I felt was the pain of the memories of those old wounds that I’ve been in the chest, that do not close, that do not heal, but listen to your cry silent that day, I felt in my soul a blow that did not expect, I felt my chest breaking again in each tear yours, but it is not my pain that I remembered, they are your tears they fall to the ground as pearls that escape from the thread that linked them, are your tears of disappointment I remember, hurt Me to hear your cry, it hurt me to comfort you didn’t want desperate to join one to one your tears, precious pearls that should not be leaking but treasuredMy pierced breast felt distant pain which I blight your illusion as a crystal that although Mirage, for you was real, as real as it is wind, in my madness, is my blood ink with which writes the wind, and is in this madness that I can see fall your tears, that hide behind a veil of freedom to prying eyesNot I remember my pain, is your weeping that now remember, they are tears that I wanted to like crazy collect and return time, to not see you cry so far, is your crying which I wanted to delete, so that you felt no more pain that takes your soul, if it were me blood in the veins, and would change it all by a stara star that return you the joy. Master Class has much experience in this field. Poems like this can find them in my poetry book of my particular expression look for it on or lulu..