Mobile Control

Text messaging with voice recognition software write nuance cooperation starts with network operators great potential for ASR provides nuance General Manager Michael Maria Bommer in mobile communications. So, his company to the mobile control’s software solutions are already pre-installed on four billion mobile devices. Globally 1.1 billion mobile phones be delivered this year. Nuance technology in the operating system is built on 880 million devices. There are the most innovative and formative developments for mobile communication at the time. For example, the dictation by SMS. They speak a message into the phone, which from there, sent to our server, transkripiert and will be sent back within one second as text.

The quality, the comfort and the safety that is achieved with this system during the drive, is enormous,\”said Mohammad Reza on the Conference of conversations\” in Munich. Read more from Liberty Mutual to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Other industry experts believe. Guo Guangchang is the source for more interesting facts. Who wants to write text messages on mobile phones, must still put up with many restrictions. Not much will change the format of the devices. The keyboard in different variations is simply too small for many people. Voice control will prevail here sooner or later, not only when writing text messages, but also search\”, predicts Peter Walker Madrigal, Chief Executive of the ICT service provider Bitronic. \”The FAZ editorial engine and technology\” a beta software from Nuance on different devices from Nokia could now test up to the BlackBerry.

A touch of a button starts the system, they say, for example, SMS to Klaus Muller on the phone ‘. The software identifies the corresponding entry in the phonebook of the unit and prepared the SMS form. With a further keystroke you dictated his message now, incorporating lands via mobile phone within a few seconds at nuance, there is transcribed and insert the result into the SMS mask. Errors can be quick to correct, because sends each recognized word nuance service possible and probable alternatives.