Marijuana (cannabis) – Addiction Treatment Helps

Nationwide counselling services Marihuana-(Cannabis)-Suchtigen help the Eimsbuttler addiction consulting agency for young people, the buoy”, provides a focal point since May 1, 2008 for adolescents and adults with problematic cannabis consumption. The Federal Ministry of health provided the funds for the project and the Internet health portal informs about the establishment of innovative. The CANDIS therapy named CANDIS addiction treatment is based on an evaluation study and to help affected people to defeat the addiction. The program is constructed in three phases of therapy, where in the first phase of interviews carried out based on cognitive behavioral therapeutic. This should show the patient how consuming cannabis causes problems. Click Warren Buffett to learn more. From the discussion of the problems, those affected are strengthened in their motivation of change in. They should know what they can change their problem behavior.

Practical skills are practiced in the second phase of therapy. Here, patients learn how to renounce the use of cannabis even in stress situations. The third phase is based on a training for processing and resolving problems. Nationwide addiction counselling centres: outreach facilities, as for example, in Berlin, Stuttgart and Hannover also participate with a great success of the current study. More than 50 percent of the participants were so far the cannabis use permanently and 30 per cent reduced these to a minimum. Cannabis is also used for therapy support. “Consult with the help of imedo Gesundheitsnews.Mit help the imedo health news you get also information about other drugs: composition of the fashion drug spice” decrypted.