Many are marking systems that exist today, however, there are traditional as functional processes that they are still preferred by many. Such is the case of marking type offset, which is defined as a method of reproducing images on paper or similar textures. This method of marking, consists of applying an ink with oily properties mostly, on an elaborate metal plate composed of aluminium. What happens is that the iron takes ink in areas where there is oily compounds, while the rest of the iron, is soaked in water that repels the ink. In this way, the image is transferred through pressure a Mantilla to finally pass it to paper or to the corresponding reason.

Within the great advantages offered by this type of printing is that in another type of marks plays an image with a high quality much more clear and defined. In addition, it gives you the opportunity of carry out in a lot of areas, not only in smooth paper. On the other hand, its blades are easy and fast reproduction and have a much longer than in direct lithography presses, because in this type of marks, there is no direct contact between the template and the surface.