Jogging And Good Health

Okay, okay, some experts say, 100 years of men running around, have excellent health, full of life, but that there is a primary? Do people live a long time due to the fact that they are doing jogging, or they capable of jogging at that age because they live a long time? Question is very interesting and insidious. For if jogging is just a consequence of good health, then people sick and weak jogging like it is not worth it. Prescribed more than anyone else to live long, he will run and jump and 100 years old. And if destined to be sick and die at 60, then no matter how jump, not a pereprygnesh. All this would be very sad if we did not know a lot of examples that prove otherwise. Of course, genetic, hereditary factors play a role in the propensity of people to various diseases, affect the duration life. But with bad heredity and disease can and must fight! Fight as it is done, for example, Paul Bragg, A. Mikulin and many other former patients.

Need only a few: the desire and will. The desire is almost always there, but the will is often lacking. After all, should be run in any weather, to get up early in the morning to go to bed on time every day to go to training But if you persevere, you will be able to win every day on a small victories, will become stronger, and not just physically. You literally ‘Bring’ itself, tempering its will open a new opportunity. interesting facts. ‘A person should earn their own health – he wrote Paul Bragg once said his 90-anniversary – buy it nobody can. To be healthy, we must work.

I’m completely healthy, 365 days a year. I have no pain. I do not feel no fatigue, the decrepitude of the body. I earned it their way of life. And you can to do the same! ” Your health – at your fingertips! No need to wait that someone will do it for you, you should not, tormented by various diseases, blaming the medicine impotence. All our ills, and even old age – is 99%, the result of our lifestyle. How do I change my life to be young again and healthy? The unequivocal answer to this question is no. Read. Think. Analyzing. And be sure to try, experimenting. Ancient Indian wisdom says: ‘When the student is ready, the teacher comes. ” A teacher and recipes healthy lifestyle if you want to find easily.