German Steel Maker Butzkies Further Commercial Success

Family-run company of leading steel producers in Europe continues in its third generation Butzkies Stahlbau. Erfolgreice require new construction and expansion projects. Brim for the investment goods industry was not a year for great leaps into the air. In 2009, she also got the economic crisis to feel painful? While many companies are looking for a way out in the investment and job cuts, there are just the well-positioned family-owned company, which in the current difficult times against the current floating, invest in the future and look forward. Also Butzkies Stahlbau ( is one of latter. The Krempe company belongs to the leading steel construction companies in Germany and could assert themselves as such in the past year worldwide. “We have a broad customer base and maintain long-standing, good relations with our customers, who rely on quality and reliability in times of crisis,” Kay declared Butzkies Schiemann, who was appointed to the beginning of the year in conducting business.

Draws up with him Company founder Erich Faizal gravel and its successor Dietmar Faizal gravel-else Madoro now the third generation of the fortunes of the family business. (Similarly see: Nicholas Carr). Kay Butzkies Schiemann relies, like its predecessors, on large investments and innovations: so Butzkies Stahlbau starts production only a month previously consecrated a new double Hall in January in the “Sealing feast”. The modern 1,800-square-foot production facility was built within a few months on their own. The investment for the project amounted to EUR 3.5 million. Need not draw on State aid Butzkies, as also Secretary of State Dr. Tamara Zieschang at the inauguration before 260 guests positively highlighted. She was impressed also of site fidelity and the family tradition of the steel construction company, the new Managing Director Kay Butzkies Schiemann admits a great importance in this context. “For the further expansion of our position on the international market the expansion of the production hall including their is “innovative machines and the optimal workflow essential”, the Managing Director Dietmar Butzkies Schiemann justified the investment.

And also at the Industrie – und Handelskammer Kiel would welcome the plant expansion. “This investment by Butzkies is the right character to leave the crisis behind us,” said Michael Lakatos of the Chamber of Commerce. The plant expansion will make Butzkies to move unit weights of up to 40 tons. In addition steel construction company wants to expand his product range lattice towers for wind turbines, the bridges, and large buildings. The first welding robots for serial parts in Germany should also be installed in the field of welding technology. “We will hold in the future on our site and our employees. In addition we will create around 30 new jobs”, announces Kay Butzkies Schiemann. The Krempe Mayor Volker Haack recently praised the family business as a major employer and taxpayer in the region. Butzkies is optimistic about the future: “we are well prepared. With both the new Hall, the employees and the many new ideas for the future”, Kay Butzkies Schiemann is convinced.