German Battery Changing Station

Kittos battery changing station in the Saarland offers a number of advantages, and therefore for the award of the Saarland suggested. Auernheim – the concept of the battery changing station is created due to low current and medium-term still ranges from pure electric powered vehicles. Although sufficient currently achievable 100 to maximum 200 km for the management of daily mobility needs of most people. However longer distances to be overcome, the electric vehicle would no longer suitable, unless they take long charging times. Connected with the ranges is sufficient, but very low when compared to vehicles with internal combustion engines, the fears of the users are connected to accept mobility, with empty battery to stop etc. The battery changing station provides a way to solve this problem, by giving motorists the option, their empty battery within a short time (faster than a current refuelling) to Exchange and thus again full mobility to reach. In addition, the concept offers the advantage that prevail in electric drives faster and expensive transition technologies such as plug-in hybrids or range extender can largely be omitted. To enable battery Exchange stations, the car manufacturer must offer but standard battery sizes and Central battery compartments under the car.

If at least a large provider makes with this, the system will assert itself and other companies will follow suit. Two battery Exchange systems as prototypes at the moment can be found: the battery changing station of the global infrastructure provider for electric cars better place and the machine manufacturer and developer Dieter Kitto Saarland. The battery-change station by Kitto is advantageous compared by the media rather well-known system by better place for the following reasons and therefore offers a higher potential for success: space by only a container for the entire battery changing station, there is a very low Space requirements.